Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meet the newest member of the family

Before I get to introducing you to the newest member of my family, I want to share a romantic/corny (depending on how you look at it) story that occurred during my run this morning. I ran at Westwood today and as I was heading along the back part of the lake, I came across a rose hanging off a branch on the side of the trail and attached to the rose was a saran wrapped note that said........ Amber (If you thought my name, I'd have to laugh because if you knew Jason, as if he would do something like that). About 10m later, another rose, 10m late another rose etc. all with notes. I assume there was 12, but I never did count. About 50m past the last one, I came across a young couple walking towards me and the guy had a grin on his face, so I assume he was the one who did it. By the time I came back that way about 30 minutes later, the roses were gone.

Cute idea I guess, but pet peeve that they left 2 bunches of saran wrap on the trail plus a coffee cup where the first rose was. I was hoping to see them on the trail as I wanted to ask the guy if it ended with a proposal or if there was another meaning behind it. I never did run into them though.

In other news, we went to town this afternoon to look for Christmas lights for the house. Since it will be our first year in our own house, I am looking forward to decorating it. While we can't really afford to buy many decorations this year (we had a fake tree donated to us), I really want to put Christmas lights on the house. We ended up buying some LED lights at Canadian Tire. We attemped to go to Costco, but the parking lot was insane so we left immediately. As we were leaving we saw a sign for a nearby vet that set "SPCA Kitten Adoption Center" so we opted to stop and see. They had one cat, about 6 months old that I fell in love with. Then again, I fall in love with all cats.

We left there and then on the way home we stopped at the SPCA command center as Jason wanted to see what was available (last time he was there they had no kittens). This time they had a few and next thing we knew, we were leaving with a new kitty. He came with the name Craven because apparently he came to the SPCA on Halloween with a brother and they named them Wes and Craven, get it ? Wes Craven? Yeah so anyways, Jason still has his heart set on Steve, but I am not sure. To keep Craven, accept Steve and make Jason happy, or think of a new name, such as another tool. Hmm. Anyways, meet "Temporarily known as Craven." No actual birthdate, but they say he is probably around 3 months old.

Socket isn't too sure of him. This is their first meeting

I missed the new kitties head, but Socket likes to use his size and weight to wrestly the new cat and then proceed to try and bite him. We are doing a lot of referring at the moment.

Eventually I separated them as new kitty seemed tired, so I stole him and he had a nap on the couch beside me. Socket then went and napped on his usual chair, and then Jason and I ended up napping, all during the Canuck game where we kicked the Oilers butts 7-3. Once the kitties woke up, the playing continued.

New kitty waking up from his nap

Unhappy Socket watching the "intruder" play

They took a brief break and sat together, which lasted about 3 minutes.

I am sure I will have a few stories and photos for you as these 2 hopefully become fond of one another.

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Molly said...

Oh he's so cute!!! Love the pictures of him with Socket, they are so funny together. Congratulations!!! :)