Monday, November 9, 2009

Two old Friends Reconnect

Alright, I will say right away that D is going to kill me for this, but I am going to post it anyways.

This photo was taken on Saturday at the BC High School Cross Country Championships and I think it was the first time D and I have seen each other in person since at least 1999. It was a cold and muddy day. Everywhere was muddy, not just the course. I guess that happens when you have 257 girls in a race and 249 guys or something like that. And that is only counting the 2 main races of the day. I actually took a few photos of the day, I will just post a few of the races and mud.


Here come the girls (first lap)

Here come the boys (first lap)

In the end, NDSS didn't take a full boys team (you need 5 on a team to qualify for team standing). Our boys seemed to get distracted with other "priorities" which included work, life guarding course or the best yet.... piano. It was disappointing that a full team couldn't go, but in the end, because we only took 4 boys, I was able to go (only 6 seats in the van).

The boys we took ran their hearts out, finishing in 48th, 79th, 159th and 248th. The last boy was so happy because he wasn't last and was in fact 2nd to last. Kids like this are great. I give him credit though as he has been sick with the flu and a cough for the last week and was still sick on race day. Now the XC season is over so I will have more free time until track season starts in 2010. While it was fun helping out, I am glad to have some of my time back for the next few months!

Speaking of which, for those who read my last blog entry, I was down and out with the flu. I believe it was a seasonal flu though and not H1N1 as my temperature only lasted just over 24 hours. I took a few days off running and then came back into it easy. I don't think I am 100% yet, but at least I am back into the harder workouts. I am not sure the last time I had a fever, so hopefully this is it for awhile. Good news is that I am pretty much back! While sick, I did spend from Saturday at about 8pm until Monday at 2pm in bed. My lovely kitty kept me company for a lot of the time as you can see below. Gotta love pets!


D said...

Well, I don't look like a can of smashed assholes (yet) so you're not dead (yet). Good thing I knew it was coming.
And I think it's been more like since 1994 since we've seen eachother. Seriously.

Molly said...

Awww I think you two look adorable there!

And 1994, D? Were you two like 12?