Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When it rains it pours!

Okay I know I just posted yesterday about the rain; however, I now have some photos of the aftermath of the rains. Keep in mind, these photos were taken this morning at about 10am. The Nanaimo River, which was extreamly high when I went to work just before 3pm, was supposed to peak around midnight last night and then slowly drop down again. So the photos below are well after the peak.

The Cedar Bridge which I drive over daily to and from work/town. The water is normally not that high. The water appears as though it went up to the line on the wall under the bridge.

The below photo was taken by a friend yesterday prior to the peak (only this photo was pre-peak)

The river with a road on the back side not far from the edge of the river

The river at the side of a local road. The river flooded this road yesterday according to the paper

Same road, but further down. Evidence where the water broke over the road

Wide River!

Here is the same road yesterday, photo stolen from the local paper

Another of the bridge

My back yard also tends to flood apparently. The was more water last night when I got home, but it was too dark to take a photo

Flooding isn't really a new thing around here, especially in Cedar. In fact, the trailer park that was declared a "state of emergency" due to flooding, floods nearly every year or at least every few years. Anyone who chooses to live on the river, runs the risk of having their house flooded, which is why I would never choose to live on the river.

The last big flood, which was actually worse than the floods so far this year, was in December 2007. It had snowed over a foot and then poured with rain until all the snow was gone. Between the snow and clear ground it was 2 days. So with all the rain and the melted snow, the floods were massive. Here are some photos of the flood back then, when it actually flooded across the main road into town. These photos were also before the peak of the river.

When the river peaked, it went over that side road

The aftermath of the flood over the main road

This isn't a lake, it is actually a field 99% of the year, except when the river floods

Gotta love the Wetcoast. FYI, the rain has taken a break today!

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