Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wow the Pineapple Express is STILL hitting us. Personally, I think we are getting pay back for the extra dry and hot summer. Although it has been raining like crazy, I am not 100% sick of it yet as I don't mind running in the rain, but today was a bit crazy. I was soaking wet by the time I got to the park and then was drenched within minutes of entering the park. Lots of mud, puddles and water.

When I got home, I had to take another photo of the mud. I have seen worse, but it's still worth noting. I wore my old Fastwitch 3 shoes which I figured would come in handy due to the perforated soles. I figured the water may enter easier but at least it would drain and that is exactly what happened. No heavy wet shoe feeling as the water drained out. Unfortunately though, I had wet and frozen feet throughout the entire run.

I even took a photo of the shoes themselves. I love how after a muddy run, you end up with a dirt line above the socks. I tried to take a photo after the shoes and socks were off, but it turned out blurry. You get the idea anyways.

I attempted to run through a local Park, which is actually a Marsh yesterday, but it was about 50% flooded so I had to give up on the trails and hit the road. In doing so, I nearly got spat on by a cyclist. He was stopped at a light waiting for the cross walk and I came up behind him to go up the side road. Just as I was passing him, he spit and JUST missed me. I let out an "ugh" automatically without realizing it and then heard "Sorry." I know he didn't mean to, but thank god he missed me. It's one thing to spit on yourself, but to have someone else spit on you is disgusting!

In other news, Socket went to the vet in order to be neutered yesterday. He went in just after 8am and we picked him up at about 4:15. I was expecting him to be sleepy, but he was anything but. First thing he did was hit his food dish. We had to take his food away at 8pm last night and the vet said that he didn't eat at the vet either, so by the time he got home at 4:30 he was starving. It was pretty funny though as he was a bit drunk from the drugs and was eating funny. He normally doesn't eat like this so I had to take video footage so you get the full effect.

Pre-vet photo

Post-vet photo. He came out and ate, ran around and then willingly climbed back and had a snooze in his carrier that he hates.

Poor kitty. While he was at the vet, we asked them to look at the cut on his neck to ensure nothing was wrong. I guess they shaved the area to get a better look and in turn shaved off his signature goatee that he had. I am a bit disappointed and am secretly hoping it grows back; however, if it doesn't, I will have to accept that. Happy or not.

**** Edit as per D's request*** Sad animal story below. Animal loves beware!

Speaking of animals, a sad story to share. A couple of PIH (Prairie Inn Harriers) members in Victoria were out walking their dogs, when one of the dogs ran towards a stream that looked slow moving but wasn't and the dog got washed away. The owner went in for the dog, but got washed away too. The other PIH lady (they were sisters), saved her sister's life, but unfortunately the dog Sophie did not survive. It's a sad story, but an eye opener about being safe with dogs in this weather. Click HERE to read the story. RIP Sophie.


D said...

DUDE. Warn a girl when you're gonna post something like that. Ugh.

Molly said...

Good boy, Socket! It's like he had numb tongue or something and couldn't QUITE hold those kibbles in :)