Monday, November 23, 2009

Trevor Freakin Linden

I had a very busy day Saturday and it was all due to Trevor Linden. Back in the summer (June maybe) I went down to Duncan and waited in line for a few hours to get Trevor's autograph as he was there for the grand opening of the new Canadian Tire.

At the time, I think I took a hockey ticket for him to sign. It was from his retirement night last December 17th, 2008. I attended the game with my sister and we had a great time.

The Canucks lined up all wearing #16

Anyways, then a few weeks ago I was told by one of the residents at my facility who is a HUGE Canucks fan, that Trevor was coming to Nanaimo on November 21st. It was then confirmed in the newspaper. Due to the fact, I was given a Trevor Linden jersey for my birthday, I figured I may as well go and get it signed.

So I worked Friday night and was up late, only to get up early at 7:30 so I could get my run done early. By the time I got to Westwood and completed everything, I got out to the mall at 9:45 and found there was already a huge line up. The people at the front were lined up at 7am or earlier apparently.

The signing was set from 11-1 and at no time did I ever think I wouldn't make it through the line. Last time in Duncan, he showed up early and signed for a longer period of time making sure everyone got through. I thought today would be the same, but boy was I wrong. The line was ever so slowly moving as I hung out with a girl in front who I met that day, even though I never got her name, I know she works at Montana's. The Canuck fan from my work was there too, arriving at about 10:30 I let her join me in line especially since she is in a wheel chair.

We hear the staff tell people way far back from us that they probably won't get an autograph as Trevor has to be in Duncan at their other store for 3pm. Oh great, so he does have a time line. Finally closer to one, someone comes around, counts off 100 people and cuts off the line 10 people in front of us. We along with everyone else around us starts to rage. My residents son speaks up and basically said they should have cut off the line ages ago if that was the case .

Then other people start barking to the employee that its fine to cut the line, but at least allow the lady in the wheel chair (my resident) to go through as she had been waiting for hours. The guy gives in and agrees, stating that Anne is the last one. At that point, her son tells me that he wants me to take her through the line so that I can get my autograph as he was only there for his mom. I felt bad for everyone else, even one of my co-workers who was standing with me with her daughter and friend.

At that point, I told the people behind me, along with my co-worker not to leave as they might get an autograph still. Apparently Trevor had 40 minutes and then had to go, so it depended on how many people he could fit through. So a decent amount of people hung around. As we got closer, they drew another cut off not far ahead and people freaked stating its not fair to promise people an autograph and then cut the line off on them again.

In the end, Anne and I got through, plus about 10 people after us, which included my co-worker, her daughter and friend. I got my jersey autographed and basically let Anne have the time with Trevor as I had seen him before. I was attempting to get a photo with both Anne and Trevor and he then told me to hold on a second and that he would get up and stand beside her for a photo. Normally, he doesn't take photos unless its a special circumstance. Anyways, he took a very nice photo with Anne and totally made her day. It was great to see.

I looked back on the photos afterwards and noticed that
in the whole rush of the event, we totally overlooked the fact that there were 2 clipper players (local hockey team) also doing autographs. Oops. Now I admit I don't follow the clippers; however, out of respect, had I seen them I would have given them the recognition and asked for an autograph. Oh well. Anyways, here are some photos from Saturday.

Signing Anne's flag

My jersey (poor Clippers players in the background)

Just as I was walking back to my car at about 1:45, Trevor was just pulling out on his way to Duncan. I ended up following him along the highway as we were heading the same way, well except he is a maniac driver and was speeding way worse than I was. Then again, I guess he was in a hurry. And no I was not stalking him as I live in south Nanaimo, and he was heading south down to Duncan :P

In the end, I got home just after 2pm, sat down for 5 minutes and then got ready for work as I started at 3pm. A rushed day, so I was definitely tired by the time I got home at 11:30pm.

Now I just have to figure out how to get my Bieksa jersey signed. Hmm..

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