Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shoe Woes!

I just finished watching the Canucks get smashed tonight, but the St.Louis Blues of all teams. How pathetic. I think it was 4-0 within the first 10 minutes of the game. Why did I not just turn the game off? Oh Canucks, why can you not be consistent? Yet I still love you guys for some reason.

Remember back in September when I won the Run for the Mountain and scored a free pair of Saucony shoes? Well my preferred Saucony shoe is the Fastwitch 3, which I absolutely love and use often! I was a bit lazy in claiming my free shoes due to the fact I had just bought a new pair, so when I finally went to look into getting them last week, I found out that I am unable to get the Fastwitch 3 as they do not have any 8.5's in stock. In fact, they won't be getting anymore due to the release of the Fastwitch 4 in February.

Fastwitch 3's no longer available :(

Hmm... so initially I was a bit disappointed, but the rep at Saucony was nice enough to suggest 2 other pairs that are similar (Grid Type A3 and Grid Sinister). I searched both online and asked a friend for her suggestion and I think I will try the Grid Type A3. Some of you may suggest to visit a local shoe store to try them on; however, that is easier said than done.

The local running stores are Running Room and Frontrunners and neither of them carry many race flats. In fact, Running Room carries zero and last time I went to Frontrunners they had only 1 type of flats, which was the Fastwitch 3. So I will just randomly select a shoe and hope for the best. I know new models are always developed, but I must admit I get disappointed when the model I use is no longer available.

So which shoe would you suggest? Does anyone out there use either of the 2 shoes below?

Grid Type A3

Grid Sinister

Now as much as I complain that I cannot get my favorite shoe, I can't complain as they will be free and if they are anything like the Fastwitch 3's, I will likely love them!

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D said...

The Sinister's are sexy!