Friday, November 27, 2009

The joys of shopping

With a day off work today, I decided to start my Christmas shopping. I am very non girly when it comes to shopping, which basically means "I hate to shop" (hence the bah humbug Facebook status update from the other day) and shopping at Christmas is even worse. Let's just say a made a small dent in my shopping today, maybe 1/4 of the way there.

The real reason I am blogging about shopping is because I became absolutely disgusted while in a local dollar store the other day. I picked up some window decorations and as I go to pay, the lady at the till talks about how she has been and still is sick, then proceeds to cough into her hands and then..... reach for my debit card. Freakin eww. I felt like saying, uhh can you use the sanitizer sitting right on your cash register please? but of course, I stayed quiet. When she returned my card, I took it by the very edge of it and then used the hand sanitizer out in the mall.

Who coughs into their hands and then grabs a beloning of someone else. Come on, use common sense people! At least cough into your shoulder or something. I guess she thought she was being respectful by covering her mouth rather than coughing directly in my face. Merry Christmas Dollar Store Chick, I better not get sick.

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D said...

Flu shot? Just sayin... ;P