Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

New Years Eve is upon us already. At the moment, I am sitting watching the Canucks vs Blues. Once again the Canucks aren't playing up to their potential and are down 3-1. Darn Canucks. And it looks like the Juniors are in a tie of 1-1 with the USA (GO CANADA!). After the game I will be heading out to a friends place for the evening.

Christmas flew by and really didn't feel like Christmas to me this year. A dinner at Jay's dads on Christmas Eve in which I didn't arrive until 9:30 due to working. I took the last 2 hours off so I wouldn't miss the entire night. Christmas morning was spent at my mom's in which we opened presents and then hung out and visited. Then in the evening we headed up to my Grandparents house in Qualicum for dinner. Boxing day was spent getting in my long run and then taking a nap before heading to my mom's house for the last of the Christmas dinners.

Overall it was good, nice to see family etc, but just did not feel like Christmas and I don't know why. People say that it will change once I have kids. Who knows. Guess I will have to wait and see.

Jason setting up my mom's new Blu Ray DVD player by the "fire"

My Grandpa sporting a Pink Christmas hats (yes we do this)

Me and my sister (it was time for an updated photo, hopefully she won't kill me for posting it)

I have more photos, but I am not sure whether my family approves of me posting them, such as my sister with her ninja turtle Christmas hat mask. I have one of me and Jason, but he'd likely kill me for posting it too!

A lot of people are talking about their goals for 2010. I honestly do not really have any other than to obviously have a healthy year and improve on all my PB's. I am training hard and doing all the work. By the time my first race for 2010 comes along (approximately March), I will be ready to go. Or well that is the plan. Last year in doing 11 races in 16 weeks, I burned myself out mid season. I held my overall times/paces, but I was no longer improving. In fact, my 2nd race of the season was a 10km in which I ran in 39:06. My 10th race of the season was also a 10km in which I ran in the same time of 39:06.

Needless to say I learned my lesson for over racing last year and this year I plan to take things more cautiously. I am listening to my coach and following his suggestions for racing. I will admit that it will be hard to have races go by and not participate in them, especially the road race put on by my club that goes right by my house; however, I will make myself useful and likely volunteer. It will still be hard not to be on that line. It is for the best though.... real goals are not until April/May so why burn myself out early like last year.

Before I go, a few photos of my kitties. I came home from my run this afternoon to find them on the chair like this. I think it is safe to say that they are best friends now.

Socket then gave me a look that says "what? I am not cuddling"

Back to the hockey game. Boo USA is up 2-1 and the Blues are still up 3-1.

EDIT: Canucks won 4-3 in OT! Woo Hoo!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Game Report

As you can see, I never ended up posting when I had hoped. Christmas Eve turned into a busy day and I simply ran out of time before heading to work. That turned into Christmas Day, into Boxing Day and now here on the 27th I finally find time!

So as I left off, I finished after the practice with 5 autographs.

Next up, the game. We sat in Row 3 in the section over from the Canuck Home Bench. I love sitting close up, even if it makes seeing the one corner near the opposition bench hard to see. Zamboni all decorated for Christmas.

Don't forget Fin!

My review of the game? The Canucks did not show up and played like junk especially in the 2nd period. I still had fun however. Shane O'Brien scored his first goal as a Canuck, which happened to be his first in 166 NHL games.

He was so happy

In the 3rd, Alex Burrows scored a goal to pull it to 3-2 or so we thought. The ref waved it off right away stating he kicked it. We saw the review on the big screen and saw no such thing, people screaming at the refs it was a goal. They sent it to the big wigs in Toronto and it came back no goal. The Boo's started (I was totally involved) and then they showed the replay again, more cheers and chants of "it's a goal" and the ref said again "No goal" BOOOOOO's again. The boo's then turned into a "BULLSH!T" chant, which I may also have been apart of. It was so loud, I wish I had taken a video.

Watching the replays while waiting for final verdict

Warning! turn down your speakers for this one as its taken from a fan in the stands. You get an idea of the booing etc

Always a highlight... the fights!

In the end, final score 3-1 and the Canucks were unhappy.

You see, they seem to have a curse where they beat the teams ahead of them inthe league and lose to the one's behind them. The curse remains intact tonight. They disappeared off the ice and came back for the Fan appreciation Jersey's off our backs ceremony where they each gave away their game worn jersey to pre-selected seats. We didn't win, nor did we win the $22,000 50/50 pot that we both bought tickets to and agreed to split it if we won.

The canucks were pretty somber and grumpy during the ceremony, hardly smiling at all.
Rick Rypien (#37)

Ryan Kesler (#17)

Kevin Bieksa (#3)

Steve Bernier (#18)

Not happy

I plunked myself right on the edge of the tunnel and took my jersey off with pen in hand for when they walked back to the dressing room. Here I picked up some more autographs. Nearly had Wellwood again but I told him I already had him, thanks anyways. Then I picked up the following:

Ryan Kelser #17

Mason Raymond #21

Tanner Glass #15

Willie Mitchell #8

Roberto Luongo #1

and of course

KEVIN BIEKSA #3 (he gets 2 photos)

Total tally after the game.... 11 autographs.

I decided I needed a new jersey as I no longer want to wear this one so it doesn't get wrecked. Game on Sports had 2 for 1 sale on Boxing day, so I went and bought a new one. This time I went cheap and bought the women's jersey. The small men's jersey is massive on me and I already have 2 of those, so I went cheaper and smaller with this one. I just have to pick which players I want to get crested on the back and decide where to get it done!

Steve totally approved of the jersey!

I know who each of them are and actually went as far as to writing it down so I don't forget in years to come!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I have been meaning to blog this since Monday; however, I was exhausted on Monday, then worked Tuesday and tonight. I also work tomorrow and then next thing is Christmas. So now is my only chance, even though I really should be going to bed.

On the weekend, as I mentioned I headed over on the ferry to Vancouver in order to catch the Vancouver Canucks vs St.Louis Blues. It was a very long day that started with getting to sleep at about 1:30-2am, then up at 5:30 to catch the 6:30am ferry. By the time I fell asleep that night, it was around midnight.

A fun filled day in which I aquired the name Canuckstitute by none other than D. Are you surprised? I updated my facebook status mid morning stating I had 3 autographs and counting, in which D responded calling me a Canuckstitute. Basically, I got off the ferry at like 8:15 and bused it downtown. I arrived about an hour before the doors opened for the private practice (100 Fan Club members, which cost $9.99 to enter were chosen to attend) so I decided to wait by Gate 9 in order to see if I could catch any of the players arriving. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, it was my goal to get my Bieksa jersey autographed.

There were a few people waiting there and finally a Canuck stopped. It was Christian Ehrhoff (#5). He is quite hot in person to be honest.

Next to stop was Steve Bernier (#18). No photos though

Finally was Darcy Hordichuk (#24). Total tally before the practice... 3.

The rest of the Canucks had already arrived before I got there or didn't stop (Luongo). Here are some photos of those who did not stop.

The practice was nothing special. Bieksa had a temper tantrum at one point. After talking with coach AV, he skated across the ice to the bench, smashed his stick into 2 over the boards and then took off to the dressing room. Guess it wasn't a good talk. At the end of the pracitce, the did a draw to win team signed stuff. I didn't win.... then again, I didn't have a chance considering I had no idea that there was an entry box before you went in to sit down. The lady beside me had no clue either. Here are some random shots from the practice.

Kevin Bieksa (#3) HOT

Kyle Wellwood (#42) and Mason Raymond (#21)

Ryan Kesler (#17) and Daniel Sedin (#22) practice faceoffs

Alex Burrows (#14)

Roberto Luongo (#1) praying for a win maybe?

After the game, I waited outside again (with others of course). Some players left without stopping or were on their phones (yeah right), but Burrows and Wellwood were nice enough to stop. Both made it quite easy for me by stopping right in front of where I was standing, so I got my autograph and then backed outta the herd.

Alex Burrows (#14)

Kyle Wellwood (#42)

Final autograph count after the practice: 5

I think I will leave the game review to my next post (hopefully tomorrow before work). It's 12:35 and I have now been home from work for an hour so am starting to get sleepy. Bedtime for me!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Canucks Here I Come!

I have a date with the Canucks tomorrow night at 7pm, GM Place in Vancouver. Okay well maybe not a date exactly, but my sister and I will be there for the game in which they play the St. Louis Blues. GO CANUCKS! Last season I went to about 5 games, this season, this one game will likely be it. We'll be in Row 3 in the big section just over from the Canucks bench! Looking forward to it!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back to the Mild Wetcoast!

My last post showed the snow on Monday night. By the time I woke up Tuesday morning, there was still snow, but not as much as when I took the photos as the rain had already begun during the night. That didn't stop School District #68 (Nanaimo and Ladysmith) from cancelling school for the day. Yep, the roads were fine, main roads plowed and some slush with plenty of tire tracks through the side roads, yet no school for the kids. Nanaimo basically uses any excuse to cancel school, this time stating that the roads were not safe. Hmm... okay whatever you say. The kids got their snow day, which turned into pouring rain throughout the day. I bet they had fun in that!

The temperatures are now mild, which is actually unusual for this time of year. Yesterday we hit 9 C and as of right now, we are 7 C. I'll take it though. The rain is here, pouring at times, but I can deal with that. I don't mind running in fresh snow briefly, but this stuff was wet and slushy. There was still some snow on the trails and side roads when I ran on Tuesday, so I actually broke out the Yak Trax. These things are a savior in the snow, so if you live around snow and don't have them, definitely get a pair.

Here we are on Thursday and the snow from Monday night is nearly gone. It is still in a few spots here and then, but for the most part it is gone. No snow in the forecast for the near future either.

I must say that I am surprised at the number of runners that opted for the treadmill during the snow. It seems that it scares some runner's away. I on the other hand love it. Sure you cannot run as fast, but the effort is generally the same as you work in the snow to keep a decent pace. You also get to work your stabilizer muscles, which is a good thing. I used the treadmill for speed workouts during last years snow and only one long run of 90 minutes. After that 90 minutes, all my other long runs were out in the snow as I found it incredibly boring, even with a tv in front of me. Now I will only use the treadmill if its unsafe to run outside. I am definitely NOT a treadmill runner.

In other news, I finished all of our Christmas shopping yesterday. I went out yesterday to finish of Jay's shopping. Wait did I say finish? I should say, I went out to start and finish Jay's shopping yesterday. Luckily he only had 4 people to buy for, so it was quite simple. I can now say that we are completely done shopping and with 8 shopping days to spare!

Can't finish a blog without talking about the kitties. Socket was still fascinated with the snow, watching it out the window on Tuesday morning. I guess my taking him out in the snow, probably hasn't deterred him from wanting outside!

Steve posing for a photo with his mouse

For the last day or two, Socket has been having sneezing fits. While I find them funny, they are beginning to worry me as he sneezes at least 5 times each time. I have read it could be due to a cold/infection; however, at the same time I don't want to jump the gun and take him to the vet to find out nothing is wrong due to the $$ of the vet visit. Anyone have any opinions on excessive cat sneezing and what I should do?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let it snow.....

My drive home from work this evening took a little longer than usual. Just before 2:30pm this afternoon, the white stuff started to fall from the sky and hasn't stopped since. Luckily, the flakes are little so it hasn't accumulated to much; however, since its been sunny and dry lately, it stuck right away.

Last night a light dusting hit the ground, which made for an interesting run as it was actually quite slick. Tonight, we received even more of the white stuff and now I will officially say that it snowed. It is supposed to turn to rain over night though and then pour with rain for at least a week, so I decided to take some photos when I got home from work as I don't expect much snow to be around in the morning.

Amount accumulated at about 11:45pm

My tire tracks

None other than myself!

I even introduced both Socket and Steve to the snow. Socket freaked out at first, hanging onto me and trying to climb up my shoulder onto my back. It calmed down when I put him on the ground; however, me being afraid that he was going to run away on me, I wouldn't take my hands off him, holding him ever so gently.

Steve on the other hand was terrified. I put him in the snow and he flipped out trying to get out and actually ran straight back for the house. Maybe that will scare him enough to never try to get out of the house again when he gets older (Socket still tries to get out).

When taking the photos off my camera, I came across this one. It appears Steve split my glass of water that I left on the table before going to work. The glass was probably 1/3 full at the time and I imagine he stuck his head into it to try and get the water and eventually knocked it over. What a bugger. Thank god he didn't get it on my laptop!

And with that..... I am off to bed!