Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cookies and Kitties

How did you spend your Sunday night? I spent mine baking some Christmas Sugar Cookies, though I guess I should just say Sugar Cookies as there is no way they will last until Christmas around here. I simply shouldn't have made them as I am eating way too many way too fast! I simply just cannot resist. I only had 3 cookie cutters to choose from which consisted of a star, a maple leaf and a bear. So really, they aren't christmas cookies I guess.

Un-iced cookies


Finished product!

While I made cookies, the kitties roughhoused and then slept. I decided to let Jay win this time, so new kitty is now known as Steve. Yep that is right.... Steve. So now we have Socket and Steve. It felt funny calling the vet to make an appointment to have them ask what the cats name was. They didn't really say much when I said Steve. Probably shocked. =)

Anyways, they have had their moments of playing and it usually looks like the video in which I tried to post below but it wouldn't load. I am off to work, so I will try again later. It sounds mean having me video tape while Steve is crying, but I did check and Socket isn't actually hurting him. I don't think he likes being pinned down to the ground.

But even though they can play like this, they did settle down on Sunday night and share a couch together. And it lasted for longer than their little cuddle underneath the coffee table on Saturday night.

Socket is finally getting used to his new little brother. That hasn't stopped him from doing his usual sneaky moves. Here he is trying to share my chocolate milk with me. Followed by an up close shot as he came towards the camera.

Here is Steve taking control of the house, feeling more confident by the day

Enough about kitties and cookies, I am still running, just nothing interesting to report about at the moment. Training is going well and I am looking forward to the upcoming 2010 racing season. Race plans are still up in the air for the year, though a few ideas have been thrown around. Some definite changes from last year though, which saw me race 11 times within 16 weeks, ranging from 5km's to half marathons. Twice during those 16 weeks, I raced back to back to back. Once with a 10km, 8km, 12km and at the end of my season with a 10km, 10km and half marathon. Simply too much races which made me burn out by mid season and miss my ultimate goal in the final race.

At the same time while I don't have much to report, I want to say congrats to Tasha for her 7th place finish at the Canadian National XC Championships this past weekend. A fall within a few meters of the finish cost her the 6th spot, which would have guaranteed her spot for worlds if Canada sends a team. Now one person must drop out for her to go. Tasha and I, along with D have known each other for years as we all ran together in track as kids. Fingers crossed for you Tasha. Also congrats to my coach Matt for his performance at his first Canadian Nationals too. And to Mar for her races at Chiba in Japan and The Great Australian run in Oz throughout the past 2 weeks.


t-odd said...

Steve is a great name for a cat. Glad he is settling in.

Teresa said...

I love your kitties!!!


D said...

No more pictures of cookies!!!!!!!!!!