Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vaseline is my newest best friend!

Our rainy weather has turned into clear skies. While it is nice to have everything dry out, the clear skies also means colder temperatures. In fact, its 1:15pm right now and still -1 C. We still haven't seen the S word yet; however, it is calling for some tonight. We'll see if it happens.

The cold weather means a very frozen face and a runny nose while running. These 2 put together has been making my nose very raw so for the past few days I have been lathering up my nostrils with vaseline. While it doesn't stop my nose from running, it does help with the cracking of the skin around my nose.

It is also funny to hear of people whining about the cold. I hate the cold and weeks ago when it was pouring, I had fun running in the rain, knowing that I would choose the rain over the freezing cold any day. With rain at least the temperatures are mild. Oh well, only a few more months of this cold stuff before things get warmer.

Speaking of my runny nose, I think I might be allergic to my cats. I have had a stuffed nose for months now and can't seem to shake it, but I am a bit better when I am out of the house. Even though I might be allergic, I am not going to get rid of my kitties. Instead I guess I will have to figure out the right allergy med to take. Anyone know of any good ones? I have been trying the dissolvable Claritin and it isn't working.

Lastly, before I start to get ready for work, watch this video. It makes me love the Canucks even more. Watch for the little baby boy in Beiksa's hands at 1:56. His name is Cohen and he is the son of 2 of my friends. The photo was taken just over a year ago and I am happy to say Cohen is a very healthy baby boy now.

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