Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome Baby Currie!

Meet Baby Margaret (Maggie)!

One of my good friends had her 4th baby yesterday. She has 2 kids from a previous relationship and now has 2 kids with her current husband. If you remember me blogging about a little boy named Jake in the past, this is the same family I am talking about today. Karen and Matt went through this pregnancy without finding out the gender, but Karen did think it was a girl. Then again, she thought Jake was a girl too.

In the end, Karen got her girl (named after her late nana) to finish with 2 girls and 2 boys (one of each per relationship). I wanted to visit her last night, but I was stuck at work. In the end it was a crazy night for her anyways, so probably better I was not there. Today was busy as I had a few things to get done before heading to the hospital to meet Maggie. I took Steve to the vet and brought him home, got dinner ready in the slow cooker (pot roast), headed out and did my workout, went straight from my workout to complete some errands and Christmas shopping and then finally made it to the hospital a lot later than expected.

It was perfect timing though, as no extra visitors were there other than the proud parents and 2 of their other kids. That meant lots of cuddle time with Maggie. She has a head full of hair and is totally non fussy so far. I swear I had a good 45 min to an hour of snuggles. Keep in mind, I had just come from a workout and the horrors of Christmas shopping ;)

Here are the proud big brother and big sister with the new family member.

I hope to get back there for another visit tomorrow as I wasn't able to visit too long today before having to get home to finish dinner. Congrats to Matt and Karen on their beautiful baby daughter!

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