Sunday, December 27, 2009

Game Report

As you can see, I never ended up posting when I had hoped. Christmas Eve turned into a busy day and I simply ran out of time before heading to work. That turned into Christmas Day, into Boxing Day and now here on the 27th I finally find time!

So as I left off, I finished after the practice with 5 autographs.

Next up, the game. We sat in Row 3 in the section over from the Canuck Home Bench. I love sitting close up, even if it makes seeing the one corner near the opposition bench hard to see. Zamboni all decorated for Christmas.

Don't forget Fin!

My review of the game? The Canucks did not show up and played like junk especially in the 2nd period. I still had fun however. Shane O'Brien scored his first goal as a Canuck, which happened to be his first in 166 NHL games.

He was so happy

In the 3rd, Alex Burrows scored a goal to pull it to 3-2 or so we thought. The ref waved it off right away stating he kicked it. We saw the review on the big screen and saw no such thing, people screaming at the refs it was a goal. They sent it to the big wigs in Toronto and it came back no goal. The Boo's started (I was totally involved) and then they showed the replay again, more cheers and chants of "it's a goal" and the ref said again "No goal" BOOOOOO's again. The boo's then turned into a "BULLSH!T" chant, which I may also have been apart of. It was so loud, I wish I had taken a video.

Watching the replays while waiting for final verdict

Warning! turn down your speakers for this one as its taken from a fan in the stands. You get an idea of the booing etc

Always a highlight... the fights!

In the end, final score 3-1 and the Canucks were unhappy.

You see, they seem to have a curse where they beat the teams ahead of them inthe league and lose to the one's behind them. The curse remains intact tonight. They disappeared off the ice and came back for the Fan appreciation Jersey's off our backs ceremony where they each gave away their game worn jersey to pre-selected seats. We didn't win, nor did we win the $22,000 50/50 pot that we both bought tickets to and agreed to split it if we won.

The canucks were pretty somber and grumpy during the ceremony, hardly smiling at all.
Rick Rypien (#37)

Ryan Kesler (#17)

Kevin Bieksa (#3)

Steve Bernier (#18)

Not happy

I plunked myself right on the edge of the tunnel and took my jersey off with pen in hand for when they walked back to the dressing room. Here I picked up some more autographs. Nearly had Wellwood again but I told him I already had him, thanks anyways. Then I picked up the following:

Ryan Kelser #17

Mason Raymond #21

Tanner Glass #15

Willie Mitchell #8

Roberto Luongo #1

and of course

KEVIN BIEKSA #3 (he gets 2 photos)

Total tally after the game.... 11 autographs.

I decided I needed a new jersey as I no longer want to wear this one so it doesn't get wrecked. Game on Sports had 2 for 1 sale on Boxing day, so I went and bought a new one. This time I went cheap and bought the women's jersey. The small men's jersey is massive on me and I already have 2 of those, so I went cheaper and smaller with this one. I just have to pick which players I want to get crested on the back and decide where to get it done!

Steve totally approved of the jersey!

I know who each of them are and actually went as far as to writing it down so I don't forget in years to come!

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Molly said...

Nice round of photos! I never seem to take any at games, I guess I am spoiled :)

The pics are from our trip last summer...the first is at the top of Mt Washington, the second is in Port Alberni. I was staying with friends in Royston the whole time.