Thursday, December 24, 2009


I have been meaning to blog this since Monday; however, I was exhausted on Monday, then worked Tuesday and tonight. I also work tomorrow and then next thing is Christmas. So now is my only chance, even though I really should be going to bed.

On the weekend, as I mentioned I headed over on the ferry to Vancouver in order to catch the Vancouver Canucks vs St.Louis Blues. It was a very long day that started with getting to sleep at about 1:30-2am, then up at 5:30 to catch the 6:30am ferry. By the time I fell asleep that night, it was around midnight.

A fun filled day in which I aquired the name Canuckstitute by none other than D. Are you surprised? I updated my facebook status mid morning stating I had 3 autographs and counting, in which D responded calling me a Canuckstitute. Basically, I got off the ferry at like 8:15 and bused it downtown. I arrived about an hour before the doors opened for the private practice (100 Fan Club members, which cost $9.99 to enter were chosen to attend) so I decided to wait by Gate 9 in order to see if I could catch any of the players arriving. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, it was my goal to get my Bieksa jersey autographed.

There were a few people waiting there and finally a Canuck stopped. It was Christian Ehrhoff (#5). He is quite hot in person to be honest.

Next to stop was Steve Bernier (#18). No photos though

Finally was Darcy Hordichuk (#24). Total tally before the practice... 3.

The rest of the Canucks had already arrived before I got there or didn't stop (Luongo). Here are some photos of those who did not stop.

The practice was nothing special. Bieksa had a temper tantrum at one point. After talking with coach AV, he skated across the ice to the bench, smashed his stick into 2 over the boards and then took off to the dressing room. Guess it wasn't a good talk. At the end of the pracitce, the did a draw to win team signed stuff. I didn't win.... then again, I didn't have a chance considering I had no idea that there was an entry box before you went in to sit down. The lady beside me had no clue either. Here are some random shots from the practice.

Kevin Bieksa (#3) HOT

Kyle Wellwood (#42) and Mason Raymond (#21)

Ryan Kesler (#17) and Daniel Sedin (#22) practice faceoffs

Alex Burrows (#14)

Roberto Luongo (#1) praying for a win maybe?

After the game, I waited outside again (with others of course). Some players left without stopping or were on their phones (yeah right), but Burrows and Wellwood were nice enough to stop. Both made it quite easy for me by stopping right in front of where I was standing, so I got my autograph and then backed outta the herd.

Alex Burrows (#14)

Kyle Wellwood (#42)

Final autograph count after the practice: 5

I think I will leave the game review to my next post (hopefully tomorrow before work). It's 12:35 and I have now been home from work for an hour so am starting to get sleepy. Bedtime for me!

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D said...

Funny... in all those pictures it's KIDS getting autographs :P