About Me

The "About Me" section must be the hardest section to write. I guess that would explain why I had it as "stay tuned" for over a month. What would you like to know about me? Well, first off my name is Erin and I am currently an unsponsored runner from Nanaimo British Columbia (located on Vancouver Island). I am currently 37 and have been running since I was 8 years old. 

I spent ages 8-18 competing in track and field with the odd road race. I began as a natural super star to say the least. I won most races I entered and set records. Some of my times included a 1500m at age 10 in 5:19.7 which at the time earned me the #4 spot in the All time Top 10 for that age in BC. I reached 2:35.3 in the 800 that same year. For road running, I ran a 43:57 10km in April 1993 (which would have made me about 11.5 years old). 

Things changed in Grade 9. After a stellar year in Grade 8 where I captured 3rd in the 1500m  and 1st in the 3000 at the 1994 BC Summer Games (for 14 and 15 year olds). The following year, puberty hit and things went down hill. I went from being a medalist in the 94 games to not on the podium at the 95 games. 

After years of frustration between grade 9 and 12, I finally received a very "uplifting" pep talk from someone in my life at the time. I had just run the Island High School XC Championships for my last year and failed to qualify for the BC Championships (that means I did not come top 25 or was it 20). The speech consisted of "put in more effort or quit." Needless to say, I hung in for my last year of track and then one final XC season before pulling the plug. 

I quit running for the track club. From there, I ran off and on. I got back into it about a year after quitting the club and finally beat my 43:57 10km PB from when I was 11. I was 19 soon to be 20 at the time (2001). In 2002 I became sick of my home town and decided to go to New Zealand to see family and then to Australia. My 6 month trip turned into 2 years after I met someone there. I ran 2 half marathons while I was there, training and back packing for one of them. They were satisfactory. 

I returned home in 2004 and was running off and on. I took a job that had me on my feet for 80 hours a week, which resulted in foot pain. I had bunions my whole life and they never really bugged me until now. In 2005 I was in so much pain simply walking let alone running. I had surgery on both my feet (one in April 2006 and the other one in September in 2006) and began running again in December that year. I had a few injuries such as rolling my ankle that year which knocked me out for a few months. 

I got into it in 2008 and then an injury to my hip which knocked me out again for a few months. I ran a 10km not long after returning back and finished in 45:27. From there things picked up, my times dropped and I eventually began working under my long time friend and current coach Matt Clout. We have known each other since we were kids and he took me under his wing. Since working with him I have seen significant progression of improvements in my times. I am training like I have never trained before and I am enjoying every minute of it. 

After years of frustrations, I have found the love for running again. I am determined and driven to improve. I am a hard working individual who tends to be too hard on herself. I am on a quest to redeem myself and to be the best I can possibly be! In 2014 I made my first National Team and raced the NACAC XC Championships in Tobago for Team Canada!

Matt has coached me through the following time progressions. 

Half Marathon:

2015- 1:15:46  
2014- 1:15:01
2013- 1:17:03
2012- 1:19:57
2011- (injured)
2010- 1:21:55
2009- 1:24:15
2008- 1:30:54
2007- 1:45:33


2014- 33:28 (downhill)
2013- 34:42
2012- 36:44
2011- (injured)
2010- 38:20
2009- 39:05


2015: 27:16
2014- 27:13
2013- 28:46
2012- 29:49 (course 75m long)
2011- 29:31
2010- No times recorded
2009- 30:40


2015- 16:47 

2014- 16:35
2013- 16:47
2012- 17:57
2011- (injured)
2010- 18:25
2009- 18:45