Recent Race Results


January 15th: Chevron Houston Half Marathon- 1:20:36 (2nd Canadian)
January 22nd: Cobble Hill 10km- 34:59- 1st female
February: TBD
February: TBD
March: TBD
April: TBD


January 17th: Chevron Houston Half Marathon- 1:14:45- 20th female (2nd Canadian)
February 14th: Vancouver First Half Half Marathon- 1:16:30- 3rd female
April 10th: Rotterdam Marathon- 2:37:48- 15th female
May 29th: Calgary Half Marathon- DNF (Hamstring issue) 
September : Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon- 1:16:36- 1st female
October 16th: Toronto Waterfront Marathon- DNF


January 11th: Pioneer 8km- 27:16- 2nd female (BC Champs-2nd)
February 15th: Vancouver First Half Half Marathon- 1:16:26- 2nd female (BC Champs-2nd)
March 8th: Bazan Bay 5km- 16:47- 3rd female
March 14th: St. Patrick's 5km- 16:56- 3rd female
April 19th: Vancouver Sun Run- 36:39- 19th female
July 17th: Summerfast 10km- 35:36- 2nd female (BC Champs-2nd)
September 6th: Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon- 1:15:46- 1st female
October 11th: Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon (debut)- 2:39:17- 1st female (BC Champs-1st)


January 12th: Pioneer 8km- 27:13- 1st female (BC Champs- 1st)
February 22nd: NACAC XC 6km (Tobago)- 10th (Team Silver)
March 9th: Bazan Bay 5km- 16:35- 1st female
March 15th: St.Patrick's 5km- 16:52- 4th female 
April 13th: Toronto Yonge St 10km- 33:28* - 3rd female
April 27th: Banque Scotia 21k de Montreal (Canadian Half Champs)- 1:15:01- 2nd female
May 24th: Ottawa 10km- 35:38- 11th female


January 13th: Pioneer 8km- 28:46 - 6th female
February 10th: Vancouver First Half Half Marathon: 1:20:16- 5th female (4th BC Champs) 
March 10th: Bazan Bay 5km- 17:03 - 4th female 
March 16th: St. Patrick's 5km- 17:14 - 2nd female (2nd BC Champs) 
April 21st: Vancouver Sun Run 10km- 34:42- 8th female (6th Cdn) (BC Champs- 2nd)
April 28th: Banque Scotia 21k de Montreal (Canadian Half Champs)- 1:21:03- 6th female
May 11th: Victoria Run Series 5000m- 17:20
May 25th: Ottawa 10km- 35:21- 12th female (4th Canadian)
June 14th: Longest Day 5km- 16:47- 1st female
July 20th: Summerfast 10km- 35:38- 3rd female 
September 14th: Run for the Mountain- 21:53 (course record)- 1st female
September 21st: Oasis Zoo Run (Canadian 10km Champs) - 35:53 8th female
October 6th:  Rock "n" Roll San Jose Half Marathon- 1:17:03- 3rd female
October 26th: BC XC Championships- 21:31- 4th female 
November 30th: Canadian National XC Championships- 25:42- 7th female 


January 8th: Pioneer 8km- 29:49 (course was officially 75m long)
February 12th: Vancouver First Half Half Marathon- 1:20:53 (BC Half Champs - 4th) 
March 4th: Bazan Bay 5km - 18:03
March 17th: St. Patrick's 5km - 18:18 (BC 5km Champs- 5th) 
April 15th: Vancouver Sun Run 10km- 36:44 - 13th female (BC Champs- 8th) 
April 29th: Banque Scotia 21k de Montreal (Canadian Half Champs)- 1:21:38- 8th female
May 13th: Oak Bay Half Marathon - 1:26:28 - 3rd female
June 15th: Longest day 5km - 17:57 - 5th female 
June 24th: Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon- 1:22:33 - 5th female 
September 1st: Victoria Track Series (BC Championship) 10,000m- 36:20
September 15th: Run for the Mountain- 23:30 (course record)- 1st female
September 22nd: Oasis Zoo Run (Canadian 10km Champs)- 37:18- 15th female
October 7th: Goodlife Fitness Half Marathon- 1:19:57 - 7th female
October 27th: BC XC Championships: 23:49 - 9th female (7th from BC)
October 28th: James Cunningham Seawall Race 5.9 miles/9.5km: 35:44 - 4th female
November 24th: Canadian XC Championships: 25:53- 34th overall (31st Canadian)


January 30th: Steveston Ice Breaker 8km- 29:31
February-May (injured)
October 9th: Goodlife Fitness 8km- 30:05
October 29th: BC XC Championships- 11th overall (9th from BC) 23:09
November 26th: Canadian National XC Championships- 25th: 27:53


March 7th: Bazan Bay 5km- 18:31
March 27th: Dave Reed 5km- 18:25
April 18th: Sooke 10km- 38:20
May 2nd: Eugene Half Marathon- 1:21:55
May 23rd: Elwood Wylie 3000m- 10:20.2
May 30th: Run for Life 5km- 18:46
June 5th: Victoria Track Series Mile- 5:02.3
September 12th: Lands End 10km- 38:46
October 10th: GoodLife Fitness Half Marathon- 1:22:46
October 30th: BC XC Championships- 5th overall (4th from BC) 24:30    
November 27th: Canadian National XC Championships- 27th 26:17


January 11th: Pioneer 8km - 31:49
January 25th: Cobble Hill 10km - 39:06
February 1st: Steveston Ice-Breaker 8km - 30:40
February 8th: Cedar 12km - 47:34
February 22nd: Hatley Castle 8km - 31:45
March 8th: Bazan Bay 5km - 18:45
March 22nd: Comox Half Marathon - 1:26:15
April 5th: Merville 15km - 1:00:31
April 19th: Sooke 10km - 39:54
April 26th: Times Colonist 10km - 39:07
May 3rd: Eugene Half Marathon - 1:25:59
May 24th: Run for Life 5km  - 20:00
June 16th: Twilight Shuffle 5km - 19:24
September 13th: Nanaimo Harbour City 10km - 39:05

October 11th: Royal Victoria Half Marathon - 1:24:15


March 9th: Malaspina 5km - 23:49
March 30th: Merville 15km - 1:11:17
April 14th: Sooke - 45:27
May 25th: Run for Life 5km - 22:24
June 17th: Twilight Shuffle 5km - 20:35 (rumoured short)
September 7th: Nanaimo Harbour City Half Marathon - 1:35:37
Oct 12th: Royal Victoria Half Marathon - 1:30:54
Nov 2nd: Run Wild - 40:17