Sunday, December 6, 2009

Celebrations and Injured kitty!

Friday night was our first staff Christmas Party as we didn't have one last year due to being open only for 4 months or so (we admitted the first residents on 08/08/08 apparently). I was initially suppose to work, so I requested the day off and was denied "could not replace" was the reason. Hah, of course they couldn't replace me, I am irreplaceable! :P Nah just kidding. I did put in the request late; however, at the same time, numerous times they don't really try too hard to fill spots. In the end, a co-worker needed Monda morning off as she is going out of town, so we requested to swap shifts and was willing to work the night of the party as she wasn't going to go anyways.

So in saying that, I got the night off. The party was held above the local curling rink and for me it was dejavu as my prom was held in the same spot in 1999. It looked a bit different this time though, as it was fully lit, people were curling downstairs and on the other side of the fake wall, the curlers were drinking at the bar. It was an alright party, good dinner, some prizes (I won a DVD player, though it is probably worth $30) and some drinking. Some of my co-workers can party.

After the prizes, things died at like 9:30, so a bunch of us left and carried on to celebrate at a co-workers place. Things turned wild there, until we finally left just before midnight to head downtown to a local bar. When I got there, I opted to go home as it was midnight and I knew I had to get up early in the morning to get in my workout. I didn't feel like paying the $10 cover to leave 30 minutes later.

Megan, Danielle, Me and Kaila (I hate this photo of me)

The 2 Erin's

Andrew and Me (we took the RCA program together)

I should say that I have more photos, but they are a bit R-Rated so I think I will hold off on posting them here. For those on my facebook, you might get a peak at them at some point as my co-workers who are in the photos said to post them anyways.

Saturday morning I woke up with a bit of a headache, but went for my run anyways and felt better after the first few minutes. What better way to get rid of a hangover than to run through it! While all my co-workers were still whining about their hang over later in the evening (we didn't start work until 3pm), I felt great. I did take a nap after my workout and before work though and the kitties decided to take one with me. FYI, I hate this photo too, then again, all sleeping photos tend to suck.

In other news, Socket appears to have a boo boo on his nose. I am assuming from wrestling with Steve, he may have cut his nose or scraped it raw somehow. Poor kitty. I guess I just wait to see if it heals on his own? Oh and the brown on his chin is from him sticking his head into my cup of chocolate milk once I finished.

Lastly more photos of baby Maggie from Thursday

Karen and Matts other son, Jake (now 15 months old)

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