Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kitty fights and cold weather!

Lately there has been a lack of posting as I have been busy. The last few weeks have been filled with fitting in workouts, work, Christmas shopping, Christmas parties and of course there is also sleep and eating. I finally finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, though I should stress that I finished MY Christmas shopping. Basically that means, I likely have to start Jason's now. Then again, his isn't nearly as bad as mine. I apologize in advance as this post might go all over the place while I catch up!

Speaking of Christmas parties, a few of us from work went out for dinner to a local pub called Piper's this past Tuesday. Quite a few people didn't show up, but even still we had a very nice dinner and enjoyed hanging out with each other outside of the work setting.

We have also been busy putting up Christmas lights on the house (not yet finished, but nearly there). Last weekend I put up the Christmas tree that Jay's mom had given us when she moved from Vancouver to Calgary as she didn't need it anymore. While it is a nice tree and I appreciate it, the style and size wouldn't have been my first choice; however, a free tree is a free tree! I spent my day cleaning the house and then wrapping gifts today, so now the tree looks better.

Here is Socket up in the window because Jason is outside putting up lights

Christmas Tree!

As Christmas nears, the weather seems to be getting colder and colder. Throughout the past week or so, we have been hitting some lower temperatures such as -9 C throughout the night and some days were even just below 0 C. That has turned some rocks on the side of the highway into look a like glaciers. Don't mind the photo as I took it while driving.

You may remember me speaking of Buttertubs Marsh being flooded a few weeks back, well the trails are no longer flooded (time to take the sign down), but the trails are looking mighty bare. So not as pretty as in the summer when there are leaves on the trees.

Today we even had our first snowfall (if you can call it that). For the past few days people have been updating their Facebook status's with "it's snowing" etc. Well, I guess they call tiny tiny flakes every so often snowing. I call that "trying to snow" and well, this is what I woke up to this morning.

As I say that, a snowfall warning came up on my computer. Up to 15cm is supposed to fall between Monday and Tuesday. That will be followed by rain. I am not worried, but it could make driving home from work tomorrow interesting! Nothing can be as bad as last year when it dumped on us and then lasted for a month (which is unusual). I don't mind running in fresh snow, but it gets annoying once it freezes and makes crunch uneven ground from the footsteps.

Anyways, running is going well. I am feeling pretty strong at the moment which is always a good sign. I still haven't decided as to which race will be my first race back in 2010; however, I know I will be ready by the time that race comes along. I plan to race smart this year and not burn myself out early like last year. I saw great results and then burned out and held descent times, but not nearly as well as I could have done. 2010 will be different!

Before I go, I will post a few kitty photos as I find them amusing. Socket has learned a new trick (why drink out of a bowl when you can have fresh water) and I am sure before long, Steve will follow along as he watches in the background.

Lastly, here are a series of photos from one of their recent rumbles. Yes that is right, I sat back and took photos while they hit and chewed on each other! It was actually pretty amusing and these are only a few of the photos I took.

Take that!

Double face washes

New chew toys!

The stare down after round 1

Decided not to go to round 2 this time

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