Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let it snow.....

My drive home from work this evening took a little longer than usual. Just before 2:30pm this afternoon, the white stuff started to fall from the sky and hasn't stopped since. Luckily, the flakes are little so it hasn't accumulated to much; however, since its been sunny and dry lately, it stuck right away.

Last night a light dusting hit the ground, which made for an interesting run as it was actually quite slick. Tonight, we received even more of the white stuff and now I will officially say that it snowed. It is supposed to turn to rain over night though and then pour with rain for at least a week, so I decided to take some photos when I got home from work as I don't expect much snow to be around in the morning.

Amount accumulated at about 11:45pm

My tire tracks

None other than myself!

I even introduced both Socket and Steve to the snow. Socket freaked out at first, hanging onto me and trying to climb up my shoulder onto my back. It calmed down when I put him on the ground; however, me being afraid that he was going to run away on me, I wouldn't take my hands off him, holding him ever so gently.

Steve on the other hand was terrified. I put him in the snow and he flipped out trying to get out and actually ran straight back for the house. Maybe that will scare him enough to never try to get out of the house again when he gets older (Socket still tries to get out).

When taking the photos off my camera, I came across this one. It appears Steve split my glass of water that I left on the table before going to work. The glass was probably 1/3 full at the time and I imagine he stuck his head into it to try and get the water and eventually knocked it over. What a bugger. Thank god he didn't get it on my laptop!

And with that..... I am off to bed!


D said...

Athena was like an old pro in the snow last year (of course, it wasn't her first), but Nico sorta freaked. This year the first centimeter was the same, but when I came home from work there were lots of Nico footprints outside so she obviously learned to love it pretty quicky.

Charisa said...

Your cat might be related to my cat Tiptoe :) Tiptoe has never seen snow though...