Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

New Years Eve is upon us already. At the moment, I am sitting watching the Canucks vs Blues. Once again the Canucks aren't playing up to their potential and are down 3-1. Darn Canucks. And it looks like the Juniors are in a tie of 1-1 with the USA (GO CANADA!). After the game I will be heading out to a friends place for the evening.

Christmas flew by and really didn't feel like Christmas to me this year. A dinner at Jay's dads on Christmas Eve in which I didn't arrive until 9:30 due to working. I took the last 2 hours off so I wouldn't miss the entire night. Christmas morning was spent at my mom's in which we opened presents and then hung out and visited. Then in the evening we headed up to my Grandparents house in Qualicum for dinner. Boxing day was spent getting in my long run and then taking a nap before heading to my mom's house for the last of the Christmas dinners.

Overall it was good, nice to see family etc, but just did not feel like Christmas and I don't know why. People say that it will change once I have kids. Who knows. Guess I will have to wait and see.

Jason setting up my mom's new Blu Ray DVD player by the "fire"

My Grandpa sporting a Pink Christmas hats (yes we do this)

Me and my sister (it was time for an updated photo, hopefully she won't kill me for posting it)

I have more photos, but I am not sure whether my family approves of me posting them, such as my sister with her ninja turtle Christmas hat mask. I have one of me and Jason, but he'd likely kill me for posting it too!

A lot of people are talking about their goals for 2010. I honestly do not really have any other than to obviously have a healthy year and improve on all my PB's. I am training hard and doing all the work. By the time my first race for 2010 comes along (approximately March), I will be ready to go. Or well that is the plan. Last year in doing 11 races in 16 weeks, I burned myself out mid season. I held my overall times/paces, but I was no longer improving. In fact, my 2nd race of the season was a 10km in which I ran in 39:06. My 10th race of the season was also a 10km in which I ran in the same time of 39:06.

Needless to say I learned my lesson for over racing last year and this year I plan to take things more cautiously. I am listening to my coach and following his suggestions for racing. I will admit that it will be hard to have races go by and not participate in them, especially the road race put on by my club that goes right by my house; however, I will make myself useful and likely volunteer. It will still be hard not to be on that line. It is for the best though.... real goals are not until April/May so why burn myself out early like last year.

Before I go, a few photos of my kitties. I came home from my run this afternoon to find them on the chair like this. I think it is safe to say that they are best friends now.

Socket then gave me a look that says "what? I am not cuddling"

Back to the hockey game. Boo USA is up 2-1 and the Blues are still up 3-1.

EDIT: Canucks won 4-3 in OT! Woo Hoo!!!

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