Saturday, January 2, 2010

I ran and I dipped.... sort of!

Yesterday was one of my running clubs (Bastion) annual Run and Dip. After getting home on New Years Eve or well I guess New Years day at 3am, I was really regretting setting my alarm for 9am in order to attend the event. Once I dragged myself out of bed, I woke up a bit and before long I was on my way to Westwood in the pouring rain. The event started at 10am and involved one loop of the lake (I started my run earlier in order to get in the alloted time scheduled by my coach) and then for those who were interested, dipped into the lake. Let's just say there was a thin layer of ice on the top of the lake, but might I add, this was much better than last years conditions (lots of snow and thick ice).

After completing my workout, I stopped and debated whether to go in. I was soaking wet and muddy from the rain and at first I said no. Then standing there watching others go in and actually dive into the water, I opted to go in with 3 other ladies but planned to go only partially in. I think I got up to my knees, then washed the mud off my legs before climbing out with absolutely frozen toes. So frozen that my feet hurt to walk. A quick change of clothes and shoes, I grabbed some home made chilli, Nanaimo Bars (YUM) and some Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate. The hot chocolate was more so to hang onto and warm up my hands. I stayed a little longer before my hands were starting to stiffen up from being cold, then I ditched the event for home and a warm car.

I am not sure if there are photos, I know Ross took one of the group of us, but I am unsure if I am actually in it or behind someone. I will have to wait for him to post them and if he captured my "dip" I will post it here!

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