Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pains, Shorts, Sh!t and Kitties!

I now know why I have been feeling these nagging aches and pains throughout this month. Apparently, the reason is because it is January. January has been deemed the month that all the rocking serious athletes get injuries, well according to Todd at any rate. I hope he is right and that it means that as of February 1st everyone will be pain free!

Speaking of which, last week was a good week for my pain. Disappeared probably from Wednesday on. I received ART on my quads and hip area on Monday, Tuesday a few aches in the groin, Wednesday slight aches in my abdominals yet again and well, we'll see what today brings. I thought I might have been done with this, but apparently not!

Today was a mild day, currently 8 C at 1:45pm. I ran in shorts today. Mid January and I ran in shorts. I could have run in shorts a week ago, but never did and instead overheated on many runs. I opted for shorts today just to say "I was running in shorts in January." Want to know about the lovely smells I was lucky to run in today? As I mentioned in the summer, I ran through rotten green sludge smell. Well I live out in an area where there is a mill, a dump and also plenty of farms. I rarely smell the dump or should I say Nanaimo Regional Landfill at home (just to and from town/work daily), occasionally smell the mill Harmac (not often at all); however, often throughout the year Cedar smells like manure. Yep that is right, some farm was fertilizing their fields today and made all of Cedar smell like Sh!t. Can you imagine how lovely it is to go outside for some fresh air and smell crap? Yeah, just lovely!

Back to the waether, all this mild weather isn't good for the Olympics that are set to begin in less than a month. The mountains in BC generally have good snow, but the lower mountains in Vancouver (ex Cypress) are struggling. They say they stock piled the snow at higher elevations. Too bad they aren't using Mount Washington here on the island. They have a pretty nice base of snow with 321cm. They even posted this note on their site

With all the snow the Mountain has received over the last week, Resort Ops have had to shovel snow out from under the lift lines so the chair does drag along the top of our amazingly high snowbase!

In kitty news, Socket has learned a new trick. Jumping up on the top of the cupboards in the kitchen. I have yet to see how he gets up there, but I know how he gets down. I heard a thump and some scratching when I got home from work last night. I go to the kitchen, expecting to find Steve on the counter (which he also figured out how to do yesterday) but instead find Socket way up high (the little bugger). He wouldn't come down, so I bribed him by shaking the treat bag.

So I was attempting to post a video of Socket up high above the cupboards, but something happened and the internet cut out and wouldn't re-load before I left for work. That means, I am posting this blog without the video and will have to add it when I can get it to upload properly.

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t-odd said...

Thanks for the tie-in. I hope you feel consistently better.

Damn, that's a lot of snow when they have to dig it out from under a chair lift so it doesn't drag.

I have to say this every time - Steve is one of the all time greatest names for a cat.