Saturday, January 30, 2010

Klutzy Saturday!

I went out for my usual long run today to finish off a tough week. I felt good during the run, but came home with some war wounds. About half way through my run, we came to a wooden bridge with a corner. I have slipped on this bridge before and slammed my hip and ankle into the rail. I tried to slow down for the bridge and right away I noticed it was slippery. I actually said, "I hate this bridge" and then just as I rounded the corner with my last step on the bridge, my foot slipped out from under me as I pushed off and down I went, right onto the cement patch at the end of the bridge.

Flat on my stomach, by co-runners stopped and pulled me back up (thanks to Mark, Trevor and Audrey). First question I asked was how bad my face was bleeding. I turned my head as I went down as I didn't want to once again take out my nose while running (been there done that). So I hit the ground with the left side of my face (cheekbone to jaw). Couple decent sized scrapes on my jaw, bruised thumb pad of the left hand, looks to be a bruise on the left hip, lump/bruise on the front of left ankle, nice scrapes on the right elbow, scrapes on the tops of the right hand fingers.

You see, I kind of got my left hand down, hence the sore thumb pad area; however, I was carrying a mini water bottle in my right hand and do you think I dropped it? Nope, I hung onto it, taking the fall with my elbow instead. Know what else I did as they were pulling me off the ground? I stopped my watch. Yep that is right, I made sure to stop the watch so it wouldn't continue adding up. Now that is a true runner! Or it is just a runner who is too addicted to the watch.

I did finish my run though. AND received some strange looks from people as I ran back through Westwood with a muddy/dirty shift, blood pooled on my elbow and a swollen bloody face. And guess what? I STILL hate that freaking bridge. Here are some photos to enjoy. If bruising occurs, which I think it will, I will post pictures later. Unfortunately I have to go to work in a few hours so its now nap time.

(wow that photo shows the nice blonde peach fuzz on my face that sticks out when I am cold, eww) I figure I may get a bruise on my cheekbone and possible jaw. Won't that look lovely!

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t-odd said...

Scraped up chicks look tuff. You should commiserate with Frayed Laces - she got hit by a car and is all scraped up, too.