Saturday, January 9, 2010

2 days ago I was running under the goregous sunrise. That did not last long as the rain rolled in for Friday. Soaked for Fridays run and then another day of light rain today during my long run. Today was unlike other Saturday's in which I figured I would be alone for my entire run due to the first race of the Vancouver Island Race Series that starts tomorrow morning. The usual clan that I run with (mostly the Westwood Running boys) are all racing so the one's that showed up only did a short race prep.

I was surprised though, as another Bastion runner named Mark joined me for about half of my run. It was nice to have the company as it was definitely unexpected. Every one of my runs, except Saturday's are done on my own. While I love running on my own, it is nice to have company every so often.

It likely rained throughout most of my run, only raining a bit harder for the middle portion. I didn't mind the rain today as it was about 9-10 C. A pleasant temperature for running with the light rain to keep you cool. I am feeling the run now though, as it hurts to cough or sneeze. Damn groin/abs or whatever the issue is. I saw a Doctor yesterday and of course that is the day that it was feeling okay, so he couldn't pin point anything and suggested just to wait and see what happens. Once again I will say.... doctors are useless (or at least tend to be). I'll keep an eye on it and possibly see a physio if need be.

As I mentioned before, the VIRA (Vancouver Island Race Association) Series begins tomorrow morning with the Pioneer 8km. A few months ago when my coach suggested not to race until March, I was a bit disappointed. I completed the entire series last year (8 races) so I figured it would be hard to not be there for some of the races; however, now that the race is tomorrow, I think I will be okay. Sure I will eagerly be awaiting the results of the race, but I know that not racing is the best plan for me and my goals. Will these feelings change tomorrow at 11am when the race begins? Quite possibly, but again I will just have to tell myself "it is for the best."

In the meantime, I will watch the Canucks.... so far losing 1-0 to Calgary (boo). And just before I post this... the game is now 1-1!

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