Sunday, January 10, 2010

I survived

I slept in until 10am today and when I woke up, the first thought was "ahh it's 10am." The second thought "Guess I better get up" and the third thought was "if I were in Victoria, I would be getting prepared to begin my warm up in a little bit." I spent the morning watching My Sister's Keeper (so sad) and looked at the clock at 10:56 thinking about how everyone in Victoria would be on the start line ready to begin the 8km at 11am.

After that, I eagerly awaited the results to find that Steve Osaduik (a former Nanaimo Track Club member with me) won the race in 25:35 ahead of Richard Mosely in 25:39 and Natasha Wodak (who I used to race on the mainland growing up in track) won for women in 27:51. Lucy Smith claimed 2nd female in 27:54, Kirsten Sweetland 3rd in 28:32, Cheryl Murphy 4th in 29:11 and triathlete Magali Tisseyre 5th female in 29:24. Full results are here.

Congrats to them both and also to all of my other friends (Westwood boys, Bastion, Running Room, ROC and Frontrunners) who raced today. Many good times and personal bests achieved today. I am told I was missed down in Victoria today, though I am not sure if that is true or they are just being nice ;)

I spent my day literally on the couch, watching movies, checking facebook etc and just plain old relaxing. My stomach feels okay while sitting, but I can feel it while walking around. My friend Jane has suggested seeing another Dr in town, who I plan to call tomorrow. Apparently he is a chiro experienced in ART and is excellent with athletes. It is worth a try at this point. In the meantime I gave in and popped some Advil. Other than relaxing on the couch, I did laundry, cleaned up, made dinner and also made some yummy chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing! FYI, it was a day off training for me today, so I made the best of it!

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that I survived! Only 3 (approximate) more races to miss until I get to join in!

Sleeping kitties earlier tonight

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