Monday, January 18, 2010

Some improvement

Last week I mentioned some injury issues that I was having. I finally ended up booking an appointment with a local Chiropractor who specializes in ART. He was highly recommended by a running friend, is the cousin of a guy who I generally complete my long runs with and also works with many sports teams in Nanaimo. Because it was my first appointment with him, I couldn't get in last week, so I booked for Monday morning (I called Monday I think).

The pain in my lower abdominal's became better on Tuesday, even better Wednesday and Thursday etc. My groin only bothered me every so often, so things were looking good and like the appointment wasn't required; however, instead of opting out and canceling, I decided to keep my appointment. I figured, I would get the first appointment done with so that if I need to book again in the future, I could do so without hopefully having to wait as long.

Yesterday was a busy day, where I attended the Canuck Superskills. I will likely blog about it later as I have to colour adjust some of the photos that I want to include. Anyways, I went to the appointment this morning and received some ART treatment. I was then tired and a bit sore for my easy run later in the afternoon. Do any of you use ART regularily? Is this normal? Just curious as to what to expect.

I apologize, I just realized that this blog sucks. I kind of lost the motivation to write it as I was uploading games to our Wii in between writing this. So I will leave you with a photo of Socket sitting looking at the birds outside.


Molly said...

Yes, that sounds pretty normal for ART. For me, heavy bruising is also the norm :) It should help though!

Runner Leana said...

I really only go to ART when I have something pretty nagging that a massage won't clear up. It depends what he's working on, but there definitely is some residual soreness. Depending on how bad the problem was sometimes it takes more than one session to sort it out too.

Good luck!

D said...

Sounds like you got off easy, actually. I expect tears on your next visit!