Thursday, January 28, 2010

Canucks vs Blues.... Again

I know I said over a week ago that I would blog about the Canucks Superskills, but I have yet again put that off and will hopefully get back to it (we'll see). Instead I am still going to talk about the Canucks, but I am going to take about a different event.

I was given the opportunity to attend another Canucks hockey game. My friend Kris was given tickets to the game and offered one of them to me. The game fell on day in which I was already off work so I couldn't resist. Who can say no to free tickets? The only down side? The Canucks were playing the St.Louis Blues, which is the same team that I saw back on December 20th (where the Canucks lost).

So an earlier workout than normal for a day off work and we were off to Vancouver on the 3pm ferry. For this game, we sat in the 23rd row. WAY up higher than I am used to and prefer to sit, but it was a free game. I think the highest I have sat in at least the 5-6 games I have been to was row 4. I find when I sit higher, I am highly distracted by people watching, compared to when I sit down lower.

Anyways, it was fun, we had some amusing guys from Victoria in front of us who had quite a few drinks in them. One of them spent $40 on 50/50 tickets (the pot was at just under $23,000) and claimed that if he won, he was taking his other 3 buddies and then me and Kris to Vegas. Needless to say, you guessed it, he didn't win. But he was amusing.

I have a lot of photos, mostly from the warm up as the game photos have the net in the way due to sitting behind the visitors goal. I have a project in mind to showcase most of the photos, but that will have to wait until next week when I have more free time. Here are a few teasers in the meantime.

Warm up photos!

Alex Burrows

Kyle Wellwood

Canuck Bums!!!

Ryan Kesler (yum)

"Special" Alex Burrows (this photo makes me laugh)

Henrik Sedin

Mason Raymond

Announcing the players of each team selected to the Olympics

Team USA Ryan Kesler (for all you Americano's)

And Better Yet!!! Team Canada Roberto Luongo!!!!!!!

View from our seats (too far up, but Free!)


Boys on the bench

Fin banging on his drum next to our seats

Final Score!!

As you can see by the final photo, the Canucks won 3-2. Mason Raymond (watch out for him in future years) scored the first 2 and then Christian Ehrhoff scored the 3rd. It was a good game and I was glad we could end our home stand on a happy note. Now the Canucks are off for the longest road trip in NHL history (broken up by the 2 week Olympic break). 42 days before their next home game, 14 cities, 13 games (8 before the break and 6 after) and apparently over 12,000km travelled. Let's take these wins on the road boys!

When I was leaving Vancouver this morning, the city is gearing up for the Olympics. Many skyscrapers downtown now have HUGE advertisements on them. Here is a close up and then a far away photo for you to see just how big (and this wasn't the biggest one).

Lastly, I have had a tough week of training (in terms of how hard the workouts are), but it has gone surprisingly well. I love how feeling unmotivated due to feeling crappy going into a workout turns into a spectacular workout. That is what happened today, even though I was plenty tired from the events of this week already. Gotta love how that happens! Bring it on!

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