Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow cats grow fast

Alright, it has been awhile since I have posted a photo or story about Socket. So those of you who do not like cat updates, sorry. We first brought Socket home the day after I raced the Twilight Shuffle 5km, which in other words means we brought Socket home on Wednesday June 17th. He was a timid little 6 week old kitten. Now, about 2 and a half months later, he is nearly 4 months old and no longer timid. In fact, you could pretty much call him a bratty little cat at times. He has grown so fast that it makes me glad I took tons of photos of him when he was little. As a reminder, here he was the first day in his new home (first one is a bit blurry).

Picture 123 Picture 116 Picture 122

Now he is this big.

Lounging on the couch

Picture 768  

Lounging on the lower level of the coffee table

Picture 776

Lifting weights! Strong kitty!

Picture 835

Reading some magazines

Picture 840

Getting brave and climbing to new heights!

Picture 771

Picture 774

He discovered my plants

Picture 335

Stealing my water (this was earlier in August)

Picture 247

I swear it is just water in the glass; however, my cat looks wasted

Picture 246

Okay, enough cat pictures for the day. The Nanaimoites in which I knew racing the Ironman did quite well. Stefan finished 28th overall in 9:38:05. Norm was next in 86th place finishing in 10:07:20. John finished 149th in 10:27:19, Ken was  708th in 11:55:14 and Mike was 1214th in 12:52:07. There were other Nanaimoites, but these were the one’s I knew best. I don’t care what place or time people finished in, just completing an Ironman amazes me! Way to go guys!

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