Thursday, August 6, 2009

Post is coming

Sorry for the lack of the post I promised. I worked yesterday and today and just haven't had time. I will post it tomorrow I promise. In the meantime, I found out that the attack happened at about 2:30pm Monday. I was gone by 11am I think that day, so I was not around. There are a few more articles out there that say the guy walked by the girl a few times and then all of a sudden appeared without pants. She ran, he tapped her on the shoulder and tried to rip off her bikini top. He is still a freak.

I ran at Westwood today and it was pretty dead. Still plenty of people walking around, but normally there are quite a few young girls jogging around alone. I didn't see any young girls out there today. I saw groups of older people, a few young couples, some families and a few single people, but no one that young. I never felt threatened at all. I figured he'd have to catch me if he wanted to get me and good luck with that. Unless he is some type of runner, I am sure I could outrun him. I still did run with my car key in my hand rather than tying it to my shoe though.... just in case. Anyways, I work in under an hour, I had better get ready. Good post tomorrow, I promise!

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D said...

Clearly the wrong attitude, but if that guy had come around the corner with no pants on I would have just laughed and laughed.