Thursday, August 13, 2009

Afternoon Trip to Powell River

So, today Jay got off work early and we headed up to Powell River, or well, technically we headed up to Comox (north of Nanaimo) to then catch the ferry over to Powell River. We were heading this way to purchase an 86 Blazer. The photos we had been sent and from what we had told sounded really good, so we were 95% sure we were going to buy it, provided everything turned out okay in person. We caught the 3:15pm ferry over, which docked at about 4:35, then met the guy after walking off the ferry. A short test drive and we determined that we were not going to buy the truck today. While the body was alright and it ran smooth, a few things just weren’t right, such as the fact that the transmission wouldn’t kick down a gear when you stomped on it. Plus a few other things were not quite as though the guy had claimed. So we were back on the ferry at 5:15.

Let me just say that this trip turned out to be annoying and disappointing. First off, its about a 1 hour 40 minute trip to Comox and then another 1 hour and 20 minutes on the ferry to Powell River. So we travelled 3 hours and 20 minutes via car and then 2 hours and 40 minutes by boat to make a total trip of about 6 hours…………. all for NOTHING. Ugh. Maybe it wasn’t all for nothing. The last time I was in Powell River was probably when I was 15. We used to go each year for a track and field meet. Powell River was were the BC Summer Games trials took place for our zone. So I believe the last time I would have been there would have been when I was 15. Although this time, I never saw much of the place considering we stayed right near the ferry terminal.

I took some photos of course with the purpose of posting them for you.

Courtenay welcomes you!

Picture 165

The Queen of Burnaby (kind of falling apart)

Picture 166

Leaving the Comox (Little River) Terminal

Picture 170

Another smaller ferry on the way (Texada Island I believe)

Picture 186

Powell River here we come!

Picture 190

Picture 192

On the way back, this weird golf ball looking thing near the Comox airport I think. I have no idea what it actually is, but I do think it looks like a huge golf ball.

Picture 197

Driving home (excuse the dirty window)

Picture 198

Picture 205

Watch for Elk!!! Have never seen one on this highway but was hoping today. No such luck though.

Picture 210

Back into the rain as we head home, but lucky enough to see a rainbow!

Picture 218

Picture 225

Welcome back to Nanaimo!

Picture 227


D said...

You just KNOW that people on the Texada ferry are stoned out of their minds... whether coming or going heh heh.

Molly said...

I *heart* Courtenay and Comox - that's where I spent the best part of last summer.

And D's comment cracks me up since my friends said everyone on the other side is stoned too!