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Party like its 1999!

So 10 years ago this past June, I graduated Grade 12 at John Barsby Community High School here in Nanaimo. Hard to believe that it has already been 10 years. Wow, where has time gone! For months, two girls from my grad class, who both happen to be named Kim, planned our reunion to take place at a local restaurant for supper. I debated many times whether to go or not. I decided that Facebook basically ruins reunions, as you see what everyone looks like and hear whether they have kids etc. This part of me was saying not to go. I was also debating whether to go as I wasn't a huge fan of the restaurant that was chosen so paying $25 for a meal there, didn't sound like fun to me. Because I was debating so much, I put off confirming whether or not I was going to go for ages.

Then with just over a week before the reunion, I knew I had to decide as I was scheduled to work that day and needed to submit requests off work at least a week in advance. When I talked to our scheduler, I was told August was pretty much out of the question. At that point, I said shoot and basically said that I had JUST found out that my high school reunion is on the following Saturday. I left her office with little hope that I was going to get it off, but submitted my request anyways. The following day, I found out that I was granted the day off. At that point, it was confirmed that I was going. In the end I decided that I would rather go and have a horrible time than miss it and regret not going.

The plan was for the reunion to start about 7pm. I think I arrived at about 7:30 and a small group was already there. A few others arrived, but not many. In the end I think we had about 15 actual grads and then some spouses. Pretty sad turn out for a grad class of over 100 people (not sure the exact amount). Apparently some people didn't go due to work, other commitments or also due to the fact they lived out of town. I am okay with those reasons. Then there are people who decided not to go based on the fact they are not happy where their life is at the moment. I can understand that too.... well to a point. Come on, its only a 10 year reunion, so what if you aren't married with kids and a successful job. I showed up and I am not married, no kids and I wipe rear ends for a living (well I technically do other things, but that is part of the job). I think some people were too nervous to go as they cared about what other people would think.

All I know is that my school lacked school spirit big time 10 years ago and the poor showing at the reunion just goes to show that the spirit still sucks. Although a small group turned out, a lot of the people that did were one's that I was pretty close to in high school. Heck even my grade 8 boyfriend showed up. We still had fun and had a couple of drinks. Dinner sucked or it could have been due to the fact that I was starving so I filled up on beer and appetizers before the dinner finally came. I ended up taking mine to go as I wasn't going to let a $25 meal go to waste! After we left the restaurant a group of us went downtown to a local bar called the Queens. When I got there, I realized I had left my ID in my running jacket at home as I had gone for my long run at Westwood that morning and do not take my whole wallet with me. I figured I wouldn't be able to get in as they will require ID, but my friend Jan new the door guy and he said if I had anything with a photo, such as a Costco ID, and my care card (medical card) and something else with my name on it, I could get in. So I went in for about an hour and a half, had a jager bomb (courtesy of Courtney) and then my grade 8 boyfriend drove me home.

In the end, it was a good night and even with the small group, I am totally glad that I went. Just for fun here are some photos from the night. Along with some oldie photos from high school.
here is me and my grade 8 boyfriend Greg at our high school prom (grade 12). No we did not attend the dance together.
Untitled-7 copy

Then here we are at the reunion 10 years later

Picture 759 copy

Katie, Me and Jan at school back in 1999

Untitled-8 copy

Me, Jan and Katie at the reunion in 20095650_138982160934_500770934_3695621_1996207_n

Other high school photos

Me and Jan (don’t you just love the yellow jacket ugh)

Untitled-13 copy

Courtney, Jan and I partying after prom

Untitled-4 copy

Aaron and I at prom

Untitled-6 copy

Courtney, Carey and I out at Boston Pizza

Untitled-10 copy

Me and Courtney in the car

Untitled-12 copy

Before I go on, I should comment on my prom experience. When I was in high school, I never dressed up, didn’t pay much attention to make up or my hair. Heck I think it was the entire Grade 10 year I wore my hair up in a pony tail every day. So when it came to prom, I was dreading the dress shopping. I went with Jan and tried on 2 dresses I think. The black one was the 2nd one. Jan said it looked good, I asked her if she was sure, she said yes and asked why. I basically told her that I hated all the dresses and was going to get the black one based on the fact she said it looked alright. So I bought the dress. Whatever I had to do to get out of the mall and avoid trying on 5 million dresses. When it came to my hair, I went to the salon and said, I want it up, do what you want and that was what the hair dresser did. I look back now and think that I definitely could have chosen a better dress and hair style; however, it does make for a good story.

Onto more photos. These one’s are from the reunion last Saturday.

Group shot

(Back Row: Courtney, Jan, Erin, Aaron, Me, Lory, Van)

(Front Row: Katie, Kim, Candace, Nina)

Picture 761 copy

Nina, me and Lory

Picture 753 copy

Levon and I

Picture 757 copy

Me and Kim and her baby Soren

Picture 758 copy

Jagar Shots at the Queens


Post Shots!


So that was my 10 year reunion. Now it is all over until the 20 or 25, provided we have one. I have a feeling that one will be more interesting though as more people will have changed and everyone won’t necessarily look the same. Did any of you guys go to your high school reunions? If so, tell me about them. I’d love to hear whether they were fun or not.

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