Sunday, August 9, 2009

Better late than never

I have been trying to post this blog nearly all week. I was either out of time due to work or blogger just simply would not upload my photos. I have had a busy week actually, with my workouts, work, picking up an extra shift and then yesterday we had a family reunion at my mom's place. So here is the long awaited post that I promised.

My training has been going really well. After my down week last week, I was back to the tougher workouts this week. I took on the challenge though and attacked each workout provided to me by my coach. While it was tough, it felt good and I am feeling strong. Time is flying by and it's only about a month or so until I get back into the racing scene. The plan is to run fast, so hopefully the plan is successful.

For my training, I ran at Westwood multiple times this week and never once ran into a pantless perverted freak. I also ventured back to Hemer Park both to run and also to take some photos. During the heat wave, which has now cooled down thank god, you might remember me talking about the horrid smell coming from the park. While technology currently doesn't allow me to share that smell via the internet, some photos can definitely help show you what the smell was coming for. So after a workout one day, I went back to Hemer and took some photos for you all. Enjoy!

Green water

For some reason, this photo keeps appearing sideways, when its not supposed to be

Then I also took some random shots around the trails.

One thing I have never mentioned on here is that last October/November whenever I ran through one of the upper trails in Hemer Park, I would catch a little woodpecker attacking one of the trees. So on one of my days off I back to the park to take a photo of the little guy caught in the act. Well, I couldn't actually get a photo of the little guy due to him flying away when I came near that portion of the trail, I was able to catch a photo of the work he had done on the tree. The first one is a photo taken in November. A couple of months later, the tree was much worse. While I haven't seen the woodpecker there is months, I finally got back there to take a photo this week. The tree has been like the 2nd photo for awhile. I am waiting for a big wind storm to take down the tree and I expect it to land right across the trail making it an obstacle course. Anyways, here are the photos.

November 2008

August 2009

I'd post some photos from my family reunion; however, I am not sure if the people in the photo's would be okay with that. So I will hold off for now. It was a fun night and I even had a few beers. It's been awhile since I have done that. It was nice to sit back and relax and the rain even held off, which was good. It appears August is the reunion month as I now have my 10 year high school reunion next Saturday. That should be interesting. I am most likely going to attend, though I am not sure how entertaining it will be. I will definitely blog about it though; however, lame or exciting it turns out to be.

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ADC said...

Wow, that wood-pecker did some work!! The trails look lovely but the photos of green water can definitely portray the smell. I loved my 10th high school anniversary - you should have fun!