Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I would have to say that proper hydration has been and still is a pretty big issue for me. People have suggested to carry a water bottle with me all of the time. I do this, at work, in the car, water in front of me when I am at home, yet I rarely drink it. I actually go through stages, being fairly good with it for awhile and then slowly dropping off and not drinking enough. Days when I am not at work, tend to be the worst ones as I get busy with other things and don't think about it. I then suffer in my workouts. So my question to everyone is how do you stay properly hydrated? What are your tips to remembering to drink enough?

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D said...

I actually REALLY enjoy super cold water, so I make sure to have a jug in the fridge at all time so that I will drink. Don't really have any tips though...
I will say that I think a lot of people overemphasize hydration. Obviously we both know that it's super important, but I'm usually overhydrated and I would bet that a lot of people are like me. Of course, the fact that I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi causes me to have A LOT of fluids in me lol