Sunday, August 23, 2009

VIEX time

Picture 786

Each year Nanaimo holds a fair/exhibition. They call it the VIEX, which basically stands for the Vancouver Island Exhibition. This year it was scheduled for August 21st through 23rd. I actually do not remember the last time I went to the show. The last time I went or well the last time that I can remember is actually pretty embarrassing. It must have been in or around 1999 as I remember I was underage for drinking; however, I went with my sister's friends who are 2 years older than me and they somehow snuck me into the beer gardens. We went to see a boy band.... though I am not even sure you could actually classify them as a boy band. I think they were more like a wannabe boy band.

This is totally embarrassing, but yes I went through a boy band stage, initiated by my sisters friends. During this phase, I saw a lot of boy bands. Oh come on, I was like 18 years old, it was allowed right? Anyways, the boy band that came to Nanaimo was 3 Deep. Anyone remember them? Hot soap stars basically. I remember getting to meet them afterward too. Now I look back and have to laugh. Apparently Default was the headliner band this year.

But as I was saying, this weekend was the VIEX and we (me and Jay and our friends Matt and Karen and their 11.5 month old Jacob) decided to stop by the exhibition this afternoon. It was probably 2:30 by the time we got there and the exhibition closed at 6pm; however, they still charged us full price at $9 per adult. We walked around, pausing quickly at some animals for Jake to see. Then walked by some vendors selling things, stopped at the so called "Home Show" which happened to probably be the worst home show I have ever seen, then walked by some old tractors and tried to kill some time to get our money out of the $9. I think we lasted about an hour there and we were gone.

Overall, I don't think it was worth the money. In fact, if we were interested in rides, we would have had to pay the $9 entry fee and then if we wanted an unlimited pass for the day on the rides, it would have been an additional $25. Otherwise, I think it was $1 per ride ticket and the rides were at least 4 tickets each. Basically, the VIEX had their hands in everyone's pockets. I don't really plan to go back anytime soon. Maybe it was our fault for going on the last day in the final hours, but I honestly don't think it would have made that big of a difference. Here are some photos from the day.


Picture 777

Picture 778

Notice the nuts below? hah!

Picture 779

Big dog at one of the Home Show booths

Picture 789

Farmer Jake!

Picture 793

Picture 795

Stuffed animal ferris wheel

Picture 790

Jake enjoying the VIEX

Picture 784

Cheeky Jake at home

Picture 817

This kid is so adorable. Here is what happened when he discovered a laser pointer.

(BTW, that isn't Socket, that is actually Benny who is one of Sockets brothers)

On another subject, my new speedier phase of my training is going well, though it has only been a week so far. My foot has been okay this week, pain every so often. I think it feels a bit better than last week, but its hard to tell as the pain comes and goes. I should take better care of it, icing and massaging more than I do; however, I am good at procrastinating and saying that I will "do it later" and then never get to it. Speaking of which, maybe I should go ice now!

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