Saturday, August 15, 2009

Black Press 5000 race report coming soon.... in the mean time, a post about cats

The Black Press 5000 last night was pretty awesome. The women ran fast! But I will report on that when I have more time. I apologize but I spent the day completing my long run, uploading photos to facebook and sleeping. Now I should be getting ready for my 10 year high school reunion, but instead D's last blog post has motivated me to blog on a similar topic.

So D blogged about people owning dogs that shouldn't own dogs. Wait till you hear about this D (though you might have already). So being an animal lover myself and I know there are many other animal lovers out there, get a load of this lady. She is what you call an animal hoarder. Basically earlier this week, the SPCA raided the house and removed a total of 94 cats and kittens, yes that is 94 animals from this house and get this..... they didn't even take all of the animals. They took the ones that looked the worst. The lady had ripped out the carpet due to the cats eliminating their waste everywhere. She also punched holes in walls to give the cats more room. Yes, cats were found in walls and all over the house. Oh did I mention she didn't even own the house and that she rented?

It all apparently started when she moved in and stopped paying rent after a few months. The renter then proceeded to start the process to evicting her, but she wouldn't leave. In this process, the renter found all the cats. Because the lady wouldn't leave, the renter had the bailiffs involved, who then called the SPCA. So this lady lives not far from me actually. The house is on the backside of Hemer Lake, which is where I complete most of my runs. I cannot believe someone would put animals through this, just because of their love for the animals. I think she should go to jail, what do you think? Apparently it will cost about $50,000 to clean up the home. Here are some news articles about the whole situation.

SPCA rescues animals at cat-infested house

Animal Hoarders Kill them with Kindness

Clean up of Cedar House where scores of cats lived will cost $50,000

Eww... I just learned that some dead cats were found in the freezer

Dead cats found in freezer at Nanaimo Home

Ok... I must get ready for my reunion I guess. More blogs coming in the next few days covering the Black Press 5000 and my Grad 99- 10 year reunion!!!

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D said...

You know what's worse than what this lady did? The neighbours knowing what was going on and NOT telling anyone! Absolutely disgusting.
This woman is clearly mentally ill to have run her household this way. If there had been 94 cats, but a clean house (as clean as one can be with 94 cats haha) that'd be one thing. But the destruction shows her mental state.
What's the neighbours excuses?

By the way, watching this story on the news made me cry. Thanks for posting it! ;P

Oh and I totally can't believe you went to your reunion! Where's Molly on this one...