Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy BC Day!

So I totally got stuck working the entire long weekend, yet I have the actual stat holiday off (BC Day). I work a 2 week rotation in which I work 7 days within 2 weeks and it works out to working every 2nd Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So this time my rotation worked out to work the entire weekend and have today off, which sucks cause today is when you get paid time and a half. Oh well. Because I worked all weekend, I was totally lazy with updating the blog. Sorry about that. My life is just not interesting enough to blog daily, so props to Meredith for doing it. =)

The highlight of the weekend would have been last night, when we had the fire department and ambulance show up to tend to a lady who's heart rate was out of control (in the 180's). While it sucks that they had a reason to be there, it is always nice to see the good looking young men that sometimes come. There were a few okay looking one's last night, but then there were the usual oldies. Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful weekend.

For my workout today, my coach scheduled me for an easy run and I decided against running through Hemer Park due to the rotten smell. I ran through there the day after my last post and it wasn't as bad because I ran earlier and before the day became too hot, but today I opted for a change. Instead I headed off to Westwood for my run. Luckily the temperatures are slowly starting to drop (yay). Unfortunately the high temperatures and no rain has taken its toll on BC, so while it's BC day and we are supposed to be celebrating, there are over 700 wildfires buring throughout BC (Read here). Good thing we rented out one of our huge water bombers to the states for the summer.

My run went well today and I even hopped in the lake briefly to cool off. The lake is actually pretty warm, but the cool breeze in the air cooled me off after getting out. I took some photos after to show off the lake and also the reason I don't really like swimming in Westwood unless I get really hot.

They tend to have a problem with people drinking at the public beach and with the dry weather, they have banned smoking. Think the sign works? Doubtful.

Pictures taken from the 2nd beach. The 1st beach (first photo) is the one that has lifeguards.

And the next photos are why I am not too fond of swimming in the lake. You see, Canada Geese tend to love the lake and leave presents on the beach. I assume these presents are probably also left in the water.

Close up!!

Looking down the trail heading around the lake from the 2nd parking lot.

Lastly, I cannot post without including some photos of Socket. The following photos show him playing in a bunch of shredded paper that came in a package Jay got in the mail. And the second photo is of him in an empty box that used to have his clean litter in it. Special kitty he is!


ADC said...

Those are some beautiful trails.

Jennifer said...

I understand about having the EMTs come to work to check out the hot guys...I work at an assisted living in the u.s. (and run triathlons) and it's fun to see some young people our age during work, even if it's for a not so good reason.