Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot Rotten Green Lake Scum

It was so warm today at 9:30 and in combination with the last little bit of extremely hot temperatures, the trail along Hemer Lake stunk today. I run this trail for 3/4 of my runs at least and today was the first time it made me literally gag and dry heave while running. The far end of the lower trail plain and simple just stunk. It was like the title says, hot rotten green lake scum that was trying on the rocks and trees at the edge of the lake. If I breathed through my nose, I smelt it and if I breathed through my mouth, I tasted it. It stunk for about 200m so holding my breath was not an option.

About 150m down the trail it became too much as I started dry heaving while running. Not a nice feeling, but the smell was that bad. PLEASE bring me some cooler temps and rain! Even just for one day to get rid of the smell. I hope non of you ever have to smell what I did today as it is NOT pleasant. I also apologize a I have no photos of the scum as I did not want to venture back there to take a photo. Anyways, happy training!


ADC said...

I would quite like some warm tems right now. But not as warm as that ;)

Charisa said...

Hmmmm, sounds awful. Hope you get rain and cooler weather quick!!

D said...

I'm so done, but at least I haven't had any smell problems.