Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BC Heat Wave

Well, BC is apparently having a huge heat wave. Currently at 4:19pm it is 36C, which is 96F for all you farenheit people. Yet it feels like 41C (106F). Disgusting. This is unusual for our area. Sure we get some days around 30 or so but never a week with these high temps. By the time I run which can be 9:30 or so, its already 26-28 degrees. While I definitely am not fond of the minus temperatures we hit in the winter, I also hate the high temperatures of the summer. A nice medium would be okay. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as bad as it's calling for partly cloudy. We'll see. In the meantime I am curious to see how much more the temperature will rise today. I am thankful I don't live in Port Alberni, which is more inland. Right now, its 40 there right now, though apparently only feels like 42.

After my workout today, which I did at Westwood Lake, I hopped in the lake to cool off. The lake was warm and gross, but at least it did cool me off a bit. My workout went well though. Even in the heat I felt smooth and quick. It's an easy week this week after a few harder weeks and the good news is that this time I am not sick. Last time I had an easy week, I caught a cold just before the week started so the entire "easy" week felt brutally hard. This time I am thankful it is different.

While I posted photos of the storm the other day, I realized that my photos pretty much suck compared to some other people who took some downtown when the fireworks were going on. I guess the storm was more towards Vancouver, so there was a better view wherever there was elevation. Here are some photos I found of both the fireworks downtown with the storm in the background.

These pictures are TOTALLY cooler than mine. I don't remember the last time I went to the bathtub days fireworks. It's too much of a hassle. I suppose some of you have no idea what bathtub days are. Well, its famous here in Nanaimo. I think this year was the 42nd annual event. They compete in a race out on Georgia Strait in boats that look like bathtubs almost. Here are some photos I found.

And this is our famous tub that is always at the festivities. Probably the worlds biggest bathtub I am guessing.

Apparently it goes in the water or has gone in the water at some point. I did not know that in all the years I have lived here, which is my whole life, minus the 2 years I spent in Australia.

The week before the actual bathtub days weekend (oh yes they dedicate a whole weekend, with the race, parade, fireworks etc), they hold the Silly Boat Regatta for charity. People/Companies basically build "boats" out of various materials and then compete in a race. A lot of them sink and there is even an award for the fastest sink. Here are some shots I found of this year. It shows a McDonalds boat before and then sinking. It was apparently the first one to sink this year.

Alright so there is your lesson on Nanaimo. Did you all learn something? Hah, totally kidding. Till next time.....

Oh, just want to add one more photo. Vancouver has their celebration of lights (fireworks displays from various countries) and apparently you can see the fireworks on a clear night from here in Nanaimo. This is something I also did not know until I went searching for fireworks photos. This was taken from Departure Bay downtown.

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I had no idea you'd be able to see the fireworks from there. That is pretty damn cool!