Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay, so I apologize that my first post was so lame; however, I felt that everyone needed to know a bit about me to start. I guess it was too boring as D ever so politely pointed out :P I should find the photo I have of D from like umm 1995 I think, when we were at the BC Summer Games and post it on here as pay back! Just kidding.... for now.

So I have a confession. I have secretly been a blog creeper of many people's blogs listed on D's page during at least the last 6 months or so. Yes I creep and no I never commented. I am totally guilty of being a blog creeper. Some I have visited frequently include Bree, Rachel, Maggs and Samantha, just to name a few off the top of my head. I have definitely checked out a lot more than that. It's my goal to not be so creepy in the future and even learn how to leave comments!

On D's page I saw a comment from Molly asking where the name Socket came from. So the story of Socket. I used to have a cat at my mom's house and then I went traveling to Australia and what started as a 6 month trip turned into spending 2 years there. When I came home in 2004, my cat was pretty much not my cat anymore as it had grown attached to my step dad. Later in 2004 I moved in with Jay and we happen to be living at his dad's place. The entire time I said I wanted a cat, but of course, couldn't have one there. So I said when we moved I would get a cat. Well, we lived there for 4 and a half years practically until we purchased our own house in February.

I didn't get a cat right away, but last month when a friend's cat had kittens, I kind of made a split decision and said yes to taking one home. You see, her friend found a stray cat on the side of a highway and picked it up to save it from being hit by a car. The cat was taken to the vet and was found to be healthy and spayed. My friend ended up taking in the cat and about 6 months after having the cat, it started to get fatter and fatter. My friend took it to the vet here in Nanaimo and was told that the cat was pregnant. Surprise! That turned into 4 male kittens and she had some trouble finding homes at first. I debated getting one, but then talked myself out of it. Next thing I knew, they all had homes, which was great. But then someone backed out and I was told there was one left if I wanted it. So a quick check with Jay and he said fine, so the next morning I had a 6 week old kitten.

When Jay came home from work that day he brought a list of names he had thought of. These names included Tractor, Wally, Dr. Jay, Mr. Bojangles, Steve.... yep that is right, I said Steve and Socket. A bit of background on Jay, but he is very much into building stuff and fixing stuff, including cars, stereos, entertainment stands, fish tank stands, ride on lawn mowers. That is just to name a few things he has done. So when you know this and then see the name Tractor and Socket things make sense. Anyways, I read the list and decided Tractor sounded funny, didn't like Wally, Dr. Jay, Mr. Bojangles and although I thought Steve was funny and random, I didn't want that to be the cats name. The only name I could stand was Socket, which is basically after the tool. So it was decided, Socket would be his name. While he is cute, he can certainly be a terror and drives me insane when he wakes me up each morning starting at 5am. I can't wait until he outgrows it (fingers crossed).

here is a photo of him snoozing today

In other news (I think I talked about the cat enough today), this afternoon when Jay got off work, we hopped in the car and headed off to Victoria to go look at a Blazer that was for sale. The truck had a few positives, but the negatives outweighed the positives as there was too much rust and the engine rattled. Definitely not worth the $1500 the guy was asking for. It was a pretty uneventful trip I must say. We went down there and back in 4 hours, making 2 stops in Victoria and then 2 stops in Duncan on the way home. After Duncan we heard a "pop" sound and we had no idea what it was. As we went through Chemainus, it started to smell like rotten eggs and the smell never passed. When we got home, Jay realized it was the car battery he had in the back of his truck that was being used for his stereo. It was hissing and leaking fluids. Thank god it never fully exploded, which apparently can happen when it starts hissing, leaking and smelling. I think it is still under warranty so hopefully he can get it replaced.

I am going to post this and then try to upload some videos. They seem to be taking forever to upload, so for now, I'll just share the post!

** here is the first one. Socket watching track a few weeks ago.


Molly said...

LOL! Thanks for the explanation. I wasn't sure if it involved some sort of eye accident and an empty socket or something. This was less grody :)

D said...

Jesus, Molly.
Pull out the pics! Wait... I had some pretty bad fashion disasters in Penticton, but felt shitty (the heat) the whole time in Trail. Ummmmm, nevermind ;)

Charisa said...

Socket rocks!!! :) Welcome to blogland