Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday night Baking

While some people spend their Friday nights out at the pub, bar or friends, I had a quiet evening at home. Hey who am I kidding, this is often the way I spend Friday nights (except every 2nd Friday when I am working). Jay's mom and step dad are coming tomorrow to stay for about 5 days or so until they start their new job in town (they are moving from Vancouver), so I decided to do some baking and make some cookies. I was overdue at making cookies anyways, but this gave me an excuse to do it. While I hate having cookies in the house because I eat them too often, it is nice to have them there. As you can see below, I ended up making a few different things.

So I now have Chocolate Chip cookies, Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Cookies anyone? I love the smell of Banana Bread and used to love to eat it; however, now I believe I am allergic to Banana's. In the last year after eating Banana's or Smoothies with Banana in them, I have spent one night throwing up and 2 afternoons of feeling like throwing up. So now I stay away from Banana's. While I want to try the Banana Bread, I am afraid of it making me sick, so at the moment I am not willing to try it. Instead I'll stick to the cookies.

Yesterday afternoon after I got home from Walmart and unloaded everything, I threw the bags on the floor. Socket instantly attacked them. Eventually I moved some to the couch in order to take them upstairs later and this is what happened.

This weekend is Bathtub weekend in Nanaimo, which means traffic and more people visiting the city. When we went to town this afternoon, this is what we ran into.

Along the way I also took this photo, which showcases a nice road barrier and also in the distance you can see the mainland. D's over there somewhere!

Last photo of the day was taken downtown at our famous Palm trees. Yep, here in Nanaimo BC, where we get snow and lots of rain and yucky wet winters, we have our very own palm trees. In the winter they are covered up in boxes to protect them and have been here for years. I thought people who live in tropical places, such as Hawaii, might appreciate the photo. Enjoy!

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D said...

I'll be e-mailing you my address to send some cookies my way. K, thanks.