Sunday, July 26, 2009

Storm Saturday

Saturday was a gorgeous and warm day. In the late evening probably around 8pm, the sky turned a bright orange in which you can see below.

Then it got dark and at about 9:45 or so, the thunder and lightening started. It was pretty crazy. I thought I would try out my new SLR camera to see if I could get a decent shot. I didn't get anything too spectacular, but I did get some neat one's and also some that make the sky look like it is light outside, yet it is pitch black. Here are some of the shots I got below.

One interesting fact was that when I was playing with the settings on my camera and not really paying attention, all of a sudden a huge CRACK occured practically right above me. It was so loud that it scared the crap out of me. Mostly because the lightening which I was watching was way off in the distance behind the house. My heart was pounding after that and I came inside to check on on the cat, who was frightened as can be running around with his tail puffed up. Good old thunder storms.

So in case any of you are wondering, you will not be reading any race reports any time soon. I have no plans to race until September at this time. It will be a summer of training before I rock the roads in September and October. I am definitely looking forward to it as there are some big things to come.


D said...

Our storm was nutty too. Of course I picked up dogs not half an hour before it started and one of them is terrified of thunder. A GREAT start to a pet sit hah.

ADC said...

Cool pics and video.