Thursday, July 23, 2009

Potential News

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Months ago I thought I would enter for a chance to carry the 2010 Olympic Torch in the Relay. I never really thought I would get chosen, but I thought, you can't win without entering. So I entered. I think we had to give a way in which we made the world a better place or something. I do not remember my answer word for word, but I know I talked about my job and how I try to help my residents live life to the fullest and with dignity right until their last breath.

Anyways, then the other day I checked my 2nd email address. One I rarely every check. I used it to enter the contest as I did not want to receive any junk mail to my main address. Good thing I checked it as there is a time line in which I had to respond before in order to continue on in the process. So I faxed back the required documents and now I wait. I hope to hear I am confirmed for the relay as I think it would be an amazing experience. I have heard that the legs of the relay are only about 400m or something, so I will definitely have to run it slower to take advantage of my time with the piece of history. Of course I will let you all know when I get the confirmation for sure and hopefully I won't have to wait until September or October to find out!


Molly said...

wow! Congrats, that's awesomse!

D said...

Pretty rad. I think you should go out there and run a 65sec 400. You KNOW people would talk about that for a long time haha.