Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey something happened in my life that is somewhat exciting!! If you read this blog and haven't figured it out yet, for the most part my life is kinda boring. At least compared to some of the other bloggers out there. Anyways, some fun happened tonight when the Snowbirds, who according to their site are "a Canadian icon comprised of serving members of the Canadian Forces." Basically for those who do not know, the Snowbirds perform an airshow. They don't come to Nanaimo often, but they were in town tonight in order to support C.H.I.L.D which stands for CHildren with Intestinal and Liver Disorders.

The show started at 6pm and Jay and I got downtown at about 5:10. When things like this happen in Nanaimo, most of the city goes downtown to attend. We parked on the roof top parking at Harbour Park Mall. When we arrived, the parking lot was already at least half full. Over the next 15 minutes probably, it was full. Of course it filled up about less than 5 minutes before our friends and their parents showed up. So they had to find parking elsewhere and we actually never ended up seeing them again. People ended up parking behind/infront of other parked cars and it was such a disaster. But it calmed down once the planes came into site.

Apparently, the planes are getting older and there is talk that this might be the last time the Snowbirds ever fly in this area. I find that pretty sad as they are a Canadian icon and they do put on a pretty good show. I took lots of photos and videos. I'll cut this post off now as the photos will push this post a bit long. Enjoy!

Various people on balconies or high rise roofs

Police helicopter patrolling the water front

Opening planes


Flybys: so close to each other

Drawing designs

Other shots

Crazy sky towards Mt.Benson (Westwood is up that way)

Snowbirds at the airport fueling up before heading out of town

Hope you aren't bored yet, I have tons of video footage, but I will just include a few so you get the idea of the show.

Hahaha okay and then when we were at the gas station, there was this “smart” driver trying to cross the traffic so I had to film her

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D said...

They flew over me the other day! I was just taking the dogs out for a walk and heard a noise overhead. Looked up and it's Snowbirds, in formation no less, flying over the city. Pretty cool.