Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't get me started on Doctors

Don't even get me started on Doctor's here in Nanaimo. I tend to describe most doctors in Nanaimo as USELESS and I apologize in advance but this blog post might turn into a bit of a vent.

Let me begin on Friday afternoon. Just prior to 4pm while I was at work, I received a call from the Doctors office. Actually, let's back up to Wednesday. I picked up the mail and found my blood test results from the previous Friday when I had them taken. In my results I saw my Ferritin level had dropped from 14 back in March/April to 10. WTF? I have been taking a supplement and eating more spinach over the last 6 months. Officially these were the results supplied with the normal levels in brackets.

Ferritin: 10 ug/L (15-180)
Iron: 10 umol/L (10-33)
TIBC: 70 umol/L (37-72)
SAT: 0.14 (0.20-0.55)

The original doctor (we'll call him Dr. S) who ordered the test is alright, but somewhat useless. I wanted the total blood count test done as well, but he apparently did not include it. Anyways, I had the results and knew they were low, what the heck, with supplements as well. Hmm.

Fast forward to Friday afternoon at 4pm, my phone rings, it's the doctor's office. I don't answer as I am at work, but check my voicemail when I have a second. Message states to call back as Dr. S would like to see me about my test results. I return the call, at probably 4:05 wondering if they are even open as I thought maybe they closed at 4pm, hence the call on Friday afternoon at 3:58pm. I was in luck though, as the appointment desk was open until 5. Here is how that conversation went.

Receptionist: "How can I help you"
Me: "Yes I would like to book an appointment with Dr. S"
Receptionist: "Oh Dr.S is on holidays"
Me: "Uhh okay, why did I just receive a message asking me to book an appointment with him about my iron test"
Receptionist: "Well he isn't back until September 9th"
Me: "Can I book with someone else then"

The result was me booking with Dr. J for Monday morning. I arrive at Dr. J's 5 minutes before my appointment and proceed to wait another 20-25 minutes. I enter Dr. J's office and meet him for the first time. He asks what he can do for me. I explain I would like to sort out my iron results. He looks through them and states that they don't look that bad. I explain I am a runner and that the Ferritin is low. He states that Ferritin really isn't a tell all factor and doesn't concern him. I explain that when I say I am a runner, I mean a real runner not some random jogger. He says that he understands, but still proceeds to be a douche (sorry).

He goes on to say again that Ferritin isn't that low and that he isn't too concerned. He said what he goes by is Hemoglobin levels and I didn't have that tested. Last tested in April at 131 g/L within normal limits of 120-150. Uhh that was how many months ago doctor? I told him I originally wanted that to be included in my blood tests, but Dr. S didn't include it. So he fills out a form to have me get my total blood count tested.

In the meantime he asks what I was taking for supplements and I showed him. He said it had very little iron and told me very briefly what he normally prescribes. He also asks whether I have low iron symptoms. I told him yes, within the last few weeks my motivation has dropped, my energy level has dropped, my immune system is crap, my hr is high and my breathing is increased even on paces that shouldn't be. Again he brushed it off. I took the form and left his office nearly in tears as he frustrated me and made me feel as though I was wasting his time. I walked by the patients waiting shaking my head and muttering "useless" under my breath.

I went and got the other required tests and I hope to hear back by the end of the week or early next week. Whenever the mail gets to me I suppose (finger's crossed by Friday).

In the meantime, I stopped at the pharmacy and asked them what they would suggest. I told them what I was taking and they basically said that anything bought from a health food store will not have enough iron as they are not licensed to sell higher doses. Basically, what I have been taking for the last 6 months is about 1/10'th the amount of iron I should be taking. I purchased the pills they suggested and went on my way.

I can name the useless doctors in Nanaimo, Dr. S, Dr, J, Dr. B, Dr.M. I think the list could really go on as I have seen more than those whenever my doctor's aren't available. I am in the hunt for a new better doctor but the main issue is a lot of doctors don't accept patients who technically already have family doctors. My main family doctor is half retired and unless you want to book a month in advance you can't see him as he is always on holidays.

So that is where I stand. I rocked the workouts 1.5 weeks ago, but then things slowly dropped off, even with plenty of rest days. Paces became harder to hold, breathing increased on even easy runs. Some say, oh maybe too many hard workouts and not enough rest, but I can honestly say that is not the case. My coach does very well at planning and I have felt this before, I know it has to do with my iron levels.

Oh did I mention an old lady in the waiting room at the lab before I had my blood tested muttered to her friend "she is all bones." Ugh, I get sick of hearing that. Just because I am thin they consider that I have an eating disorder. Totally not the case. I like my sweets WAY too much for that ;)

So that is where things stand. We'll see what the next results say. I took a different iron supplement over the weekend and had ferritin and iron retested today (I think) so hopefully it is more than 10.

In other news, this is what happens when you try to read a newspaper in my house.

You get a little kitty who will come and lie down right in the middle of the paper. This poor kitty is sick right now, sneezing a lot over the last 2-3 days, spraying snot everywhere and has runny eyes. I feel so bad for him, but I know he will get over it. I am keeping an eye on it and if it becomes serious I will take him to the vet, but in the meantime I will wait it out to save the expensive vet fees. Think good thoughts for Steve!


Molly said...

That's got to be incredibly frustrating!!! I hope you are able to find an answer.

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