Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Those People.... and Google too!

You know those people.... everyone has them on Facebook. The one's that have consistent cheesy status updates or comments on other's photos/updates. They make me laugh sometimes and at other times they make me hate Facebook. Come on now, admit it, you all have at least one or more of these people on your Facebook.

Google is a strange tool. I have the Feedjit application on my blog so I can see the variety of locations people access my blog from. This application also shows how people get to my blog, whether it is from direct link, through Facebook or even Google. The Google one's make me laugh as I am amazed at what searches people enter and then end up on my blog. I have had other runner's names, people searching Westcoast and even weird things as when the flasher was around town or when a cat hoarder was busted in town. I should take a screen shot of some of the funny searches, but will have to do that in the future as I don't have access to any amusing one's right now.

Okay, this post really made no sense so I am going to sign off for now! Still training hard and looking forward to the hopeful payoff this fall. See you on the trails!

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