Friday, August 20, 2010

Stocking up!

Nestea Anyone?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I won a year's worth of Nestea (aka 52 coupons for 12 packs). I took advantage of Superstores latest deal buy 2 and get a 3rd free. Using my free coupons for the 2 that I had to "purchase" I would get the 3rd for free. The Superstore deal was only good till the 21st, so I loaded up while I had the chance.

When I went to get the mail today, I found a key in the box stating a I had bigger mail in one of the compartments. Knowing I am waiting for many totes/coolers/bbq sets, I wondered what it was. Cooler's went to the post office, so I figure it wasn't those. I opened up the compartment to find these shoved inside.

20 tote bags. Basically reusable bags. Funny thing is that the totes are worth $0.97, yet the postage on each envelop says $1.22. They paid more for packaging and shipping than the prize is actually worth. Tote anyone?

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