Monday, August 23, 2010

Cat Nip and Biggs Park

Yesterday I attended 60 minutes of free yoga downtown put on by Moksha Yoga Nanaimo. Moksha is located at the same place Island Optimal is at, so I saw their flyer there earlier this week and I debated going. Then an old friend updated her facebook that she was going to attend, so I decided to go with her. It was an easy session with a decent group of people. I will blog more about it once they post some photos in which I am waiting for that will go along with the post.

In the meantime, we gave the cats some Cat Nip last night. It is always amusing.

I'm so high!!

Today I went to pick up some parcels from the post office when I noticed it was 12:30. Our post office is closed for lunch from 12-1, so I went and got some groceries and grabbed my camera and headed out to Bigg's Park. It is located out in Cedar near BC Ferries for Duke Point.

From Biggs Park it overlooks downtown Nanaimo and you get a good view of Mount Benson that is in the background. Photo op time!

Blue function on camera

Nothing like taking dorky photos of yourself! It took me a few tries to get the timing somewhat right, then someone came along so I stopped, hah. So this was the best of what I got.

Follow the arrows home!

This was the loot I picked up at the post office. I had 5 slips in the mail box to pick up. Socket of course had to check it out. Top 3 are BBQ Set's and the bottom 2 are Muskoka Chairs.

The chairs are in pieces so photos will have to wait until they eventually get put together. Here is the BBQ though.

Gotta love contests! See you on the trails!

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