Friday, August 6, 2010

Stolen: 1 Garden Hose

Yes that is right..... Jason and I just realized this evening that someone has stolen the garden hose on the side of our house. They were nice enough to the garden hose on the front of the house. We know for sure that the hose was there last Saturday, otherwise, we have not noticed. Who the heck steals garden hoses? Are you serious?! Wow some people are so stupid. What is wrong with people these days.

As I write this, a friend tells me that she had 4 screens taken from her house. She lives a few blocks away from me. Screens? Seriously? Screens have no use, at least a hose has a use. Sounds to me like some kids who were up to no good one night. Ugh.

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pressure washer hose said...

Oh' sorry to hear that, you better be careful next time. My garden hose was also stolen before, that's why I buy new one.