Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moksha Yoga

After a wicked progression run last Saturday (Aug 21), I had Sunday off running. I had heard of a free Moksha Yoga session down town at the waterfront, but basically didn't want to go alone. I have only done Yoga a few times with Mindful Strides. An old childhood friend Heather mentioned on her Facebook that she was going to go, so I sent her a message and said if she was going, I would go too. I don't think I have seen her in years, but we grew up a few blocks away from each other and our parents are still in the same houses. I was the same age as her brother Ryan and she was a year older than us.

Anyways, so we headed down for the free session. Moksha Yoga Nanaimo was holding the free session. Their studio is in the same building as Island Optimal as they share the same space. It was an easy session and the sun was in and out, but it was fun and they had a good turn out. Definitely good to get a few stretches in and I had even done most of the poses before, which was a bonus for me. That means I didn't look stupid trying to figure out what to do!

** photos courtesy of Moksha Yoga

Arriving early to get a good spot!

Group slowly growing

Time to get started!

Thanks Moksha yoga for putting on this free class. Next time it would be better on the green grass though ;)

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