Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a beautiful day!

My view from my icing attempt

I got up early this morning to get my workout over with while the temperatures were cool. It has been a big few weeks of training and I wasn't sure how my legs were going to hold up today, which called for a pretty big workout. I visited Abe at Island Optimal earlier in the week where he used his magic hands for some ART on my hip flexors and calves (ouch) to try and give me my legs back. I believe that is exactly what I said to him when he asked what he could do "give me my legs back." He worked his magic and said if I was interested I could come back later in the week for a tune up before this workout. So I went back yesterday for some more hip flexors and quads.

I was in bed early last night. Okay well early for me, which meant 10:30, though the cats woke me up about 3 times before I was finally up at 7am. The workout went great, running it slightly faster than I was supposed to, yet it still felt good. Definitely a good sign for my upcoming fall races!

After the workout I stopped at the grocery store for some Chocolate Milk and then drove over to Piper's Lagoon to get in some ocean icing as the lakes are too warm. I arrived to find the tide out.... boo. I took off my shoes and bundled up and waded out into the water. Shallow shallow shallow. I would have had to walk for ages to get into deeper water, plus that meant walking through all the weeds (no thanks), so I opted to just kneel/sit in the water, which put the water level to about my waste. It was cool, but not painful cold so didn't quite have the effect I was looking for. When the tide is in, you normally don't have to walk more than 10-15m into the water to get waist deep.

The scenery was definitely beautiful though. I used my crappy cell phone to snap some pics! (yes I took my towel with me as I wasn't sure how cold it was going to be)

After I finished my icing and started to get out of the ocean, a kid all dressed up came towards me. Okay he was probably either a teenager or possibly very low 20's. Anyway, he approached me and asked whether I would be interested in some reading material and showed a brochure. He stated it was to do with how to deal with stress, but I am sure it was probably something religious (nothing against religious stuff, it just isn't for me). I should have asked, but just assumed and said no thanks.

We had some small chit chat about the beautiful day etc and he asked again stating that it advised people how to relax. I told him I had no issues with stress management as I use my running to combat that. He said something about how I had that all figured out and wished me well before he went on his way. When I got back to my car, he got into a car with 2 older well dressed men and I heard "well I tried" or something like that. Who knows what he really wanted, but I went on my way.

Now to spend the rest of this beautiful day relaxing! Maybe squeeze in a nap shortly! See you on the trails!

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Molly said...

What an odd spot to proseletyze to you! Maybe he's a newbie still in training.

Great job on your workouts and icing. I used the 55 degree ocean water as a swim AND ice bath today :-)