Tuesday, March 2, 2010


For 2 weeks I was literally glued to my tv, on channel 210 which was CTV in HD. I was at work on Sunday when the Closing Ceremonies were on at which point I thought to myself "it's over, now what?" Honestly I have never really watched the Winter Olympics in the past, mostly just the hockey, occasionally the figure skating and maybe some other sports depending on who was in it, but with the Vancouver Olympics, I was totally 100% addicted. It might have to do with the fact the games were so close to home (an hour 35 ferry ride away).

I have never been so proud to be Canadian and it wasn't just due to the fact that we won 14 gold medals setting a record, which was totally awesome by the way, but I love the fact that Canadians came out and showed their support. Some countries call us arrogant and some actually praised the fact that there was so much Canadian support.

We may not have owned the podium with the highest total of medals (congrats USA), but I think we did quite well, beating our previous best of 24 medals with 26. Some Canadian athletes didn't perform up to their expectations (Jeremy Wotherspoon) and some exceeded their expectations (Joannie Rochette), but I am still proud of every athlete that competed. Now we just wait for the final bill.... if we ever find out that is.

And who could forget Sunday's hockey show down between Canada and the USA. Before Canada was ever in the finals, but after the loss to the USA, I stated that if the two teams met again, the outcome would be different. There was no way Canada was going to lose to the USA twice (though they nearly did).

I mean all these comments in a friendly way btw, so please don't take them personally.

For hockey there is a huge rivalry between Canada and the USA and of course people are loyal to their team. It was a good game and team USA did give us a scare. I was a dork and even put on my HR monitor during the game. At one point it hit 100, which is pretty high for sitting on the couch (normally about 50).

The game was intense and although Canada was up 2-0 for most of the game, I never once felt safe. They tend to play like the Canucks and fall apart at one point. Within the last minute of the 3rd is when my HR hit 100 and when the USA scored with a few seconds left, I will admit a few choice words may have come out of my mouth. To OT we went, with me looking at the clock. I was supposed to work at 3pm and generally need to leave by 2:50 latest; however, at 2:50 I was still watching the game. I was debating what to do, as I knew I couldn't watch a full 20 minutes or I'd be really late; however, I didn't want to leave the TV and miss the goal.

I was screaming at the TV whenever Canada got near the goal and was even screaming at Crosby "DO SOMETHING" and next thing I knew, Crosby scored! Some cheering went on at the house (this is the only time Jay and I cheer for the same team as he states the Canucks suck). I took the time to update my facebook and then booked it off to work. The roads were dead on the way there, only a few cars with one honking in celebrating (I honked back of course). I think I got to work in about 6 minutes and it normally takes at least 10 minutes.

You see, I wanted to be there to see the medal presentation. I got there JUST in time to see the final USA silver get handed out before moving onto Canadian Gold. What a day! I found some of my residents and the AM Care Aide around the tv and all together we joined in and sung the National Anthem with one of my residents taking photos of the tv with her ancient film camera (so cute).

Anyways, I think you get the point, I am a proud Canadian and was saved from crying if the USA won, though I did feel bad for the USA team as they came oh so close and I know how bad they wanted revenge and to get that gold (especially for being undefeated in the games). Enough about the Olympics, they are over anyways ;)

On a side note, training is going alright. This week is a rough week though, hopefully just the typical down week sydrome. My body just feels as though it hates me right now and I can't wait to get my legs back and to get rid of all the little niggles I am feeling right now. My lower abs are STILL an issue, then again, I haven't really taken any time off to try and heal them. They have their good days and their bad days (any faster workouts). It's probably been at least 3 months now, so I am started to get frustrated. I hope everyone else's injuries from Injury January have healed!

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Charisa said...

I miss the Olympics too! Have a great race this weekend :)